Why They Laughed at You

[Screenshot from Donald Trump Jr via Twitter,]

You saw it. Everyone’s seen it by now.

Don Lemon, Rick Wilson, Wajahat Ali insulted you and laughed at you live on air.

While it made plenty of people angry, it also had people asking why they would do something so foolish. Laughing at Trump supporters on national television where it’s doubtless going to be circulated around the internet the world over. Even for those who aren’t die-hard Trump supporters, this move is going to make them look as elitist as they’re often called — and even mocked by Americans for.

For a bunch of people who have shown that they think they’re smarter than us, this sure was a stupid thing to do.

But why they did it is actually easy to deduce.

Cornered animals tend to turn their viciousness up to eleven, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing here.

I know for a fact that Lemon, Wilson, Ali and everyone else who is rooting for Democrats in this impeachment circus knows that the Democrats have absolutely nothing on Trump. I know they know it because I follow the news just as they do. It’s our job. Bias may affect our output, but you can never be too careful in what you read if you want to stay blissfully ignorant of inconvenient truths. If Lemon or Wilson read as much as I do, then they know that the Democrat’s case is paper-thin.

They know that whatever hope they had to bring Trump down is gone. Not only will his impeachment not hold, but he’s also going to go on and win 2020. He’s going to be around for years to come and there’s nothing they can do about it.

They know it, you know it, and they know you know it.

What Lemon and people like him are experiencing is a sort of despair they’ve never had to feel. For years, the Democrat establishment dominated the narratives, ran the political circus, and enjoyed general supremacy in the culture.

Now they’re watching as it all slips away. Their narratives are either too weak to have as big an effect as they used to or they die in infancy. People are tuning out of the show they’re trying to put on and the culture is slowly turning away from them.

Every effort to turn it around has failed and they have no idea what to do. They’re cornered, they’re spiteful, they’re angry, their hopeless, and so they laugh. They laugh at you in their hatred of you and of what’s happening to them now. They laugh because that’s about all they have left.


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