The Democrats Deserve Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

The Democrats are all about control, but the funny thing about control is that when you try to obtain too much of it, you begin to lose it. It’s like sand. The tighter you grip it, the more it slips through your fingers and you’re left with a mess that’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

As has been pointed out numerous times by many outlets, myself, and my colleagues, Sen. Bernie Sanders was of the Democrat party but never with the Democrat party. His 2020 presidential run always seemed like something of an inconvenience for the Democratic National Committee. We know that because they treated it that way.

The funny part is, the entire reason that Sanders is as popular as he is is that the DNC made him that way. Inadvertently, mind you, but it was their doing. In fact, the entire radical wave that has struck the Democrat party is because they opened the door to this monster and have been letting it in for decades. It was only a matter of time before it infected the entire institution and put people in the party like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and moved them into positions where they can sway the entire party into radical idealism.

It’s unfortunate for the Democrats that this radical takeover is happening during a time when there is an opponent in the highest office in the land who they have zero ideas on how to deal with him. He’s not a politician, he doesn’t play by the politician’s rules, he doesn’t intimidate easily, he keeps promises, and the people love him. He’s everything they wish they could be but can’t.

This has the Democrats ready for battle at all times. Their anger, fear, and frustration drive their every move against him, causing them to make mistakes. Their ineptitude is shining so brightly that voters can see it through all the media spin and narrative creation they attempt to paint it with.

They’re losing control of the country, the mainstream culture, and more. In their panic, they attempt whatever they can to bring everything back into their grasp and cling tighter, and as a result, everything is slipping away.

The Democrats’ attempts to impeach Trump have backfired, and now even their longtime foremost candidate for 2020, Joe Biden, is slipping to the point where the radicalism they invited into the party in order to sway the populace toward them is now consuming them alive, and Sanders is the one feasting. Biden is now caught up in the impeachment circus that the Democrats were using as a tool to regain power, and with that effort failing so miserably, so is Biden.

With Sen. Elizabeth Warren falling like a rock in the polls, only Sanders is now left.

Democrats like control and they learned long ago that they can’t control Sanders. They knew that back in 2016 when they tried to actively work against him in favor of Hillary Clinton, and as I describe in this short video, they’re doing it again.

According to the RCP average, Biden is still well ahead of Sanders, but Sanders has now broken out of whatever steady path he was on in the polls and his now rising while Biden is falling. The DNC will do what they can to curb this, but everything they do seems to blow up in their face.

I’m still not sure that Sanders will win the nomination. As I’ve written before, I hope he does. I want the fully realized radical Democrat party to bring everything it has to bear only to lose to, not just the Republican party, but America.

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I see many Democrats abandoning their own party to join ranks with the Republicans thanks to an “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me” attitude, and they’re more than right to do so. A complete rejection of this leftist radicalism would send a very clear message to a lot of different people that whatever Sanders is selling isn’t going to be bought. Not here.

This crushing defeat wouldn’t just have ramifications on morale and support for the socialists and radicals, it would be another hard blow for the already bruised and bleeding Democrat party. It would deserve this for inviting this nonsense into the mainstream culture, and it would deserve this for subsequently attempting to force it on everyone else. It would deserve it for laughing at middle America, for attempting to subjugate free people, and for attempting to nullify their voices through these attempts to regain control by force.

No matter who wins the Democrat nomination, the Democrats are screwed. Either they manage to keep Sanders from the nomination and they lose Sanders supporters just like they did in 2016 or they fail, Sanders wins, and the Democrats abandon the Democratic party.

Whatever the outcome, the Democrats will deserve it.


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