Brandon Morse on "Tipping Point": The Left's Celebration of the Covington Bus Crash Reveals a Disgusting Truth

Screenshot: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

If you haven’t heard, on the way back from the March for Life rally that attracted thousands on thousands of people to D.C., the charter bus containing the now-famous Covington Catholic school students was involved in a crash that claimed the life of one motorist.


According to Fox News, the man who died was traveling down the road on the wrong side and slammed headfirst into the bus, killing him and injuring a few others.

Shocking but not surprisingly, people on the left began to rejoice at the idea of these children being in a horrific accident that claimed the life of someone. Leftists took to Twitter and began mocking the students, and laughing about the fact that pro-life people took the life of someone.

These are just a few of them. “Tipping Point’s” Liz Wheeler had me on to discuss the left’s reaction on Monday, and I couldn’t help but recall how the left acts when it comes to pro-life people, including these particular students.


As I say in the video, when the Covington story first hit the mainstream, Twitter users both small and blue-check large were wishing harm on the kids. This includes openly expressing the desire to toss the kids into a woodchipper “hat first” and burning the school down with the kids inside it.

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There is something about pro-life people that really upsets the left as nothing else does. The fact that they’re willing to celebrate death doesn’t stray too far from a pro-abortion stance, but the fact that they call themselves the party of tolerance and inclusivity, then treat pro-lifers like religious heretics shows just how disturbing the left’s philosophical stances can get.


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