Dear Socialists, Your Army Isn't Powerful Enough for a Revolution and Never Will Be

I keep hearing the word “revolution” being thrown around left and right by people on the hard left, specifically from communist/socialist folks who sure want to talk a big game.

Not long ago, I reported on the infiltration by Project Veritas into the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the open socialist. It’s there we met Kyle Jurek, a man who thinks gulags are a great idea, wants to forcefully reeducate Americans, and is willing to do violence to and kill anyone who gets in the way of the “revolution.”

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The videos that Project Veritas released are shocking but not at all surprising. We’ve seen the temperament and methods of the hard left, and with Sanders being an open socialist, it wasn’t exactly a stretch to believe that you would find radicals in his campaign staff.

Now it would appear that we have a second staffer on video saying similar things as Jurek, with the “guillotine the rich” attitude while openly expressing his desire to tear things apart and start fighting in the revolution.

Yeah, okay.

Socialists and communists love to talk a big game, and to be fair, they don’t have any qualms about getting violent.

However, I’m here with some sour news for them.

You’re not strong enough. Your gung-ho attitude about causing harm and going to war against Americans is about as flimsy as a paper flag in a hurricane. I’ve seen how you operate and I have zero reason to be worried.

I’m not just going to talk trash. I’m going to make it demonstrably clear why the socialist “revolutionaries” can’t win.

For one, let me show them what their supporters are made of.

You’ll recall not long ago that there was a convention of the Democratic National Socialists. The event was supposed to be a gathering that inspired people to take down Capitalism and find new and exciting ways to do so.

What it devolved into was a bunch of people angrily telling others around them that they need to stop talking and using certain kinds of language because it was offensive to them. It was one of the most cringy and hilarious things that America witnessed in 2019.

That is who you have supporting you from the rear. A bunch of shivering chihuahuas who have meltdowns when the word “guys” is used near them. All anyone has to do to demoralize them is say there are only two genders and they collapse into a heap of rage and tears.

Americans are supposed to be afraid of that? As you can see, Americans of all stripes showed up on Monday to support their rights, specifically the right to bear arms.

Do you think millions of armed Americans are going to collapse in fear at the sight of a pink-haired man wearing women’s clothing and screeching about his pronouns? Because I sincerely don’t.

But to be fair, let’s take a look at your ground forces. The ones that will actually appear on the battlefield. The ones who call themselves “Antifa.”

Antifa shows up to bully innocent people and is more than willing to get violent. They’ve demonstrated that time and again, and it’s worked for them. If we’re being realistic, though, it’s only worked for them in places where the politicians were on their side like Seattle or Portland.

Antifa targets innocent civilians who aren’t into violence and don’t want a fight. They intimidate unarmed people who are usually in groups of one or two by forming a mob and using their numbers to scare people. However, when a group of Americans show up with the purpose of combating Antifa, Antifa wilts.

To give you a perfect demonstration, watch as these regular Americans show up to make sure Antifa doesn’t block traffic and intimidate the populace.

As you can see, Antifa doesn’t seem to fare well against people ready to fight. They back down and retreat against actual power.

I want to bring up a very striking example of this as well, and once again it revolves around Monday’s 2A rally in Richmond, Virginia. We had an incredibly large gathering of pro-rights Americans this year, many of them armed.

Aside from a few infiltrators here and there, Antifa was absent. The people who intimidate and do violence were suddenly nowhere to be seen when it was clear that violence could be done upon them with absolute effectiveness. All that piss and vinegar turned to vapor.

It goes to show that when Americans show up with the potential to be dangerous, Antifa scurries back into the shadows.

So, if socialists were hoping that Antifa would be the soldiers, then it should be aware that its soldiers tend to retreat at the first sign of trouble.

When I see socialists, I see a weak group of whiney idiots with delusions of grandeur and zero grip on reality. Even if the American socialists did assemble something like an army and attempt to conquer a city, the siege would end in less than a day as Americans would rise up and begin fighting back. According to experience, many in the Antifa camp would turn tail and run at the first sign that they’re outnumbered and outgunned.

There will be no communist or socialist revolution. All this talk about hurting people, bringing out guillotines and gulags is the fantasy of clearly disturbed people. They’re not a revolution, they’re just bullies, and bullies aren’t that hard to overcome.


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