Agitator Tries to Make Virginia 2A Supporters Seem Like a Violent Mob, Fails Miserably

Before this 2nd Amendment rally in Virginia started, there was a rumor that agitators would be bussed into the area in order to pose as 2A supporters and cause trouble. One of the ways in which they planned to do that was to spout off things that would make the 2nd Amendment supporters seem violent and unstable.


While there wasn’t any confirmation that this was actually happening on that scale, it would appear that people are trying to make the 2A protest at the Virginia capitol seem like the dangerous group of people that the media has been trying to make it out to be.

However, it’s not working out so well for the plants.

As you can see from this video, one man attempted to ask another supporter very loudly whether or not he wanted to “start a revolution” and jump the fence to kill “that guy,” presumably Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. The “revolution” part was agreed to by the protester, but upon hearing the violent suggestion, the protester went silent.

Once those words came out of his mouth about violence, the crowd immediately turned on the agitator.

The interviewer asked those around what they thought about what he said and they made it clear that violence is not what they’re about.


The agitator attempted to say that it wasn’t his suggestion, but the person he was speaking to. The video starts too late, so it’s unknown whether or not he was telling the truth, but the point remains the same. The crowd is there to peaceably assemble in support of their 2nd Amendment rights non-violently.

The media’s suggestion that the rally is a dangerous hotbed of violence waiting to explode at any moment is verifiably false. Stephen Gutowski of the Free Beacon, who is on the ground as of this writing, has reported that there has yet to be any violence at the rally despite the narrative.

If any trouble does start, and it’s unlikely that it will, it will be at the hands of agitators attempting to make it seem like the crowd is full of extremists looking for an excuse to use violence.


Various narratives surrounding the rally have popped up beside the “violent extremists” narrative, including that the crowd is filled with white supremacists. Earlier today, an interview was conducted with a black American who made it clear that various people of all types are at the rally in support of their 2nd Amendment right, effectively killing the narrative.

(Watch: Black 2A Supporter at Virginia Rally Smashes Democrat Narrative That Rally Is Full of Racists)

This won’t be reported by the mainstream media, however.



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