Hollywood Least Trusted Thing In America, While Some of the Most Trusted Things Aren't Much Better

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As it turns out, Americans are a highly skeptical bunch, which has probably worked to our benefit since even before 1776. Apparently, the more gilding and pomp that surrounds you, the less we trust you. We did, after all, fight a bloody war to get away from people shrouded in fancy clothes and self-importance.


The polling company, Morning Consult, attempted to gauge American’s trust in various things and found some interesting results. For one, finishing last is Hollywood at only 4 percent.

We have every reason to feel that level of mistrust. Not only has Hollywood proven themselves to be less than moral while holding themselves as more moral than the average American, but they’ve also continuously pushed bad science and stupid nonsense on us with the confidence of a king.

I mean, Gwyenth Paltrow is selling a candle called “smells like my vagina” and has an accompanying scent that smells exactly as advertised. This was after she told women to put a rock in their vagina for health reasons.

Just after those is the U.S. Government at 7 percent and the news media at 8 percent.

No surprise there.

So what do Americans trust?

According to the poll, the two things at the top are pretty common sense stuff. People trust their primary doctor at 50 percent while coming in at second is 44 percent. From there, things get weird.


Amazon and Google come in next at 39 and 28 percent respectively.

That’s right. Apparently, over a quarter of Americans believe that Google and Amazon are telling them the truth whenever they give them information of any kind. That’s…slightly disturbing, especially given the fact that Google has been caught up in so many information scandals that I’ve lost track.

While it’s good that America has a healthy sense of distrust, it would do well to distrust and be skeptical of the thing delivering them the most information out of everyone.




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