Brandon Morse On Tipping Point: The Violent Bernie Staffer Isn't Just a Solo Act

SCREENSHOT: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon Morse

If you were on Twitter, it was hard not to notice the recent video going around social media that showed a Bernie Sanders staffer by the name of Kyle Jurek talking calmly and confidently about murdering those who opposed the political revolution that Sanders was going to help bring.


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Liz Wheeler of Tipping Point had me on to discuss this horrifically underreported video by the mainstream media, who, if this was a Republican, would have been airing this footage on every television screen it could squeeze it into.

That’s not happening, though. For a narrative and movement that drives the Overton window of society further to the left, it can’t happen. It must be ignored as much as possible, and when it can’t be ignored, it must be seen as a lone wolf kind of problem. Funny enough, it’s not being disavowed by the Sanders campaign, as the strategy seems to be to ignore it.

As Wheeler points out, however, the most important thing we can actually take away from this video isn’t necessarily the threat of violence β€” we in America are well prepared for that despite the Democrat’s best efforts β€” it’s the fact that Jurek said the quiet part loud about Sanders’ promise of free education.

As Wheeler and I discussed, it was an open secret that the promise of free education from socialists like Sanders isn’t about education, it’s re-education. It’s teaching those in classes of all ages that socialism and government-controlled everything is the path to prosperity.


This is, of course, complete nonsense. Socialism has never worked and will never work, but this is the way that Sanders, his staffers, and those who support him think.

It’s important to remember that while Jurek is just one man, his style of thought isn’t exactly uncommon among the left. If it was, you’d see more people horrified by the likes of Antifa, and resistance to the idea of pro-government indoctrination.

But you don’t. Sanders is climbing higher and higher, and while they aren’t exactly acknowledging him, the fact that the Sanders campaign or the media aren’t flat out denouncing him should tell you quite a bit. They want people who think like Jurek to be friendly with the campaign.

This isn’t a lone wolf, this is just one part of a much larger group of people who made the mistake of getting drunk around the wrong undercover reporter.



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