This One Man's Video on Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes Smack Down Is Masterful

SCREENSHOT: Jonathan Pie YouTube

There’s no business like show business, and there’s no politics like Hollywood politics.

The things going on in DC are shady, malevolent, and ludicrous, but at least there we can attribute it to some sort of overall game plan thought up by people of varying levels of intelligence. Hollywood’s political scene is made up of rats who tend to dance to whatever tune the piper is playing at the moment.


So when Ricky Gervais made his legendary opening monologue that tore down every bit of pride and elitism these coastal elitists had, it was the slam heard ’round the world. While celebrities cringed and made angry faces, the rest of the world was cheering and applauding.

As I wrote in more detail, we in the peasantry have every reason to love it.

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If there’s one guy who knows how to break down anything to its brass tacks, however, it’s Jonathan Pie.

If you’ve never heard or seen Jonathan Pie, his method is simple yet effective. He poses as a news personality reporting the news like your typical on-scene reporter, but then he quickly reverts to what looks like a hot mic moment of him telling the camera how he really feels. From there, Pie tends to peel away the window dressing, and he does it expertly here.

Pie begins by letting the Hollywood elite know that Gervais was right to do what he did. The elite are hypocritical as they lecture the public on things that the public was already well aware of, such as the fact that rape and sexual assault are bad. Pie points out that it overcompensated by wearing pins and black dresses as a symbol of it standing up to what it’s been doing all along, but in clothing that costs more than what you and I could afford after months of paychecks.


As he continues, Pie seems to pile onto everything Gervais said and then some. Watch below, but be mindful of the language warning.



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