Watch: Geraldo Reacts Furiously to Brian Kilmeade After Getting Called Out for Excusing Iran

SCREENSHOT: Uploaded by Brandon via YouTube

There are a lot of hot takes going around the media right now and no shortage of emotions. This was especially true today on Fox and Friends as host Brian Kilmeade got into a very heated debate with an angry Geraldo Rivera over the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani on Thursday thanks to a drone strike by the Trump administration.


The segment kicked off with Rivera noting that he “feared the worst” after Soleimani’s death.

“I fear the worst,” he said. “You’re going to see the U.S. markets go crazy today. You’re going to see the price of oil spiking today. This is a very, very big deal.”

“This isn’t about [Soleimani’s] resumé of blood and death, it is about what was next,” Kilmeade replied. “We stopped the next attack. That’s what I think you’re missing.”

“By what credible source can you predict what the next Iranian move would be?” Rivera asked.

“The Secretary of State and American intelligence provided that material,” Kilmeade said.

Rivera brought up the previous Iraq war which he mentioned was fought on bad intel from the intelligence community Kilmeade is now citing. As this was said, you could definitely see Rivera’s temper begin to rise.

“Don’t for a minute start cheering this on,” Rivera warned. “What you have done, what we have done, we have unleashed —”

“I will cheer it on,” Kilmeade interjected. “I am elated.”

“Then you, like Lindsey Graham, have never met a war you didn’t like!” Rivera said.

“That is not true,” Kilmeade said. “And don’t even say that!”

The conversation continued to heat up with Kilmeade asking if the 700 dead Americans shouldn’t be happy about the death of Soleimani, to which Rivera angrily responded about the thousands of dead Iraqis since 2003.


“What the hell are we doing in Baghdad in the first place?” asked Rivera.

The conversation continued until it reached a boiling point with Kilmeade telling the latter that he was “making excuses for Iran” by bringing up the point that Soleimani was allegedly our friend not that long ago.

“Dammit, I’m not making excuses Brian that’s absolute baloney!” said Rivera slapping the desk.

“Your arrogance is exactly what’s wrong with the region,” he added.


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