It's Official: AOC's Latest Interview Proves She Doesn't Know What Socialism Is

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019 by nrkbeta, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a lot of wild claims in her time but the latest one is not only wild, it completely contradicts her entire identity.


During an interview with Noticias Telemundo, Ocasio-Cortez got onto the topic of things President Donald Trump has said about her, including the fact that she’s crazy and a socialist. According to the Daily Wire, who acquired English transcripts, AOC

“One of the most controversial people with whom you have had exchanges is the president, Donald Trump,” Noticias Telemundo’s Correspondent Guadalupe Venegas said to Ocasio-Cortez. “He called you a whack-job on social media. He called you crazy, right?”

“Yes,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

“What do you think about the president?” Venegas asked.

“I think that if the president is calling me crazy, that’s good,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “It’d be a problem if he said he agreed with me, because he has a lot of issues. He’s a racist and he’s anti-immigrants, but more than that, his administration is very corrupt. I think he has a track record of… I think he’s afraid of women, of strong women, of Latina women.”

As Ryan Saavedra of Daily Wire explained in his article, that’s a hard claim to make, seeing as how Trump has appointed women to key advisory and senior positions in his administration since the get-go.

While that claim is a complete falsehood from AOC, it was the following whopper that really makes your head scratch.


AOC suddenly doesn’t think she’s a socialist:

“I want to ask you what you would tell the people who call you a socialist,” Venegas said. “For example, people coming from countries that have leftist governments like Venezuela, Nicaragua or Bolivia and who are here today. What would you tell them when they call you a socialist?”

“When the president or people call me that, I always say, ‘Look at our policies, what we’re proposing.’ We’re not advocating total control of the economy,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed. “We’re talking about humane economic rights. We’re talking about education, healthcare, and fair wages. Here in the US, those values are called socialist values, but to me that says a lot about where we are in the US. Basic human rights are considered socialist. But what we see in this country is very different from what we see in others.”

AOC has spent a lot of time promoting the idea of “Democratic Socialism,” which is just the sad Charlie Brown Christmas tree of socialism with an ornament hanging on it to make it look snazzy.


She backs Bernie Sanders for 2020, who also claims the “Democratic Socialism” banner as his own, but then turns around and openly advocates for socialism to thrive in America.

But even if it wasn’t for those details, the existence of the Green New Deal, which requires a radical government takeover of the country’s means of production (by her own admission) and will cost taxpayers $93 trillion to implement, should very well tell us just how socialist she is.

The answer is “a lot.”

Either she doesn’t understand what socialism is — and what American socialist does? — or socialism is now on the back foot and AOC is finally realizing that being openly socialist isn’t selling as well as it once did.


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