You Were Impeached Yesterday

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

As I wrote earlier, the impeachment of President Donald Trump was supposed to be a somber moment last night, but in truth, not one person on Capitol Hill felt the gravity of what was going on.

Either Democrats were ecstatic over the fact that they managed to impeach Trump with no reasoning behind it other than the fact that they don’t like him or Republicans were thrilled because Democrats just essentially served the 2020 election to them on a silver platter.

But the real problem about last night wasn’t necessarily that it had anything to do with Trump. It had everything to do with you.

I want to remind everyone that Trump was legitimately elected to the office of the President by the people of the United States of America, where he has since run the country within the Constitutional bounds of his power. While it hasn’t been perfect, Trump has improved America for the better in many ways and for many different kinds of people.

This has sent his approval numbers up and the willingness to see him impeached down. The American people don’t want to fix what isn’t broken.

But that’s not how the Democrats are looking at you and me, this country, or the President. What the Democrats see is a mistake that we made that needs to be rectified. They believe that they, as a party, know better than we do and what’s best for us. So it is that they would go so far as to attempt to nullify our decision.

It wasn’t just Trump that the Democrats voted to impeach last night, it was you. It was the decision you made in 2016 that sent Hillary Clinton to the sidelines and Trump to the winner’s circle. It was you and your decision to elect a Republican that they’re really mad about. It was your rejection of the social justice insanity and the embrace of reality that has them so upset.

Impeachment was definitely about Trump, but let’s not be fooled here. This was more about you. You were impeached last night. The Democrats are trying to depose you from the position of decision-maker. They want you to have your power to choose what’s best for this country reduced as they attempt to use whatever means possible to make your decisions mean nothing.

And that is the main point I feel should be focused on. Trump won’t be President forever, but the Democrat party will be around long after he’s gone and they will have that same mentality going forward. This isn’t really about Trump at the end of the day. This is about your ability to decide what’s best for the country being tossed into the garbage by a group of elitists who think you’re too stupid and ignorant to know what’s best for you.

Just look at how they treat rights while they hold up non-rights as rights. The left wants to amend the First Amendment to limit what you can and can’t say. They want to strip you of your Second Amendment rights so that you can’t defend yourself and must rely on them.

Meanwhile, they want to consider college a human right, and abortion a human right, and healthcare a human right, all of which they can provide for you if you just give them power.

Do you see the pattern here? Your independence, individualism, and your right to stand apart from them is what they want to squelch. While this impeachment is definitely an attack on a man they hate, this attack is going to be seen again and again and again no matter who replaces Trump. If Trump was kicked out of office by some dark miracle, then they would begin shouting from the tops of Mt. Bullsh*t that Mike Pence is even worse than Trump and he will have to go as well.

Again, it’s not about them. It’s about you.

But not to worry, at least not right now. Democrats have shot themselves in the foot over this impeachment process and Trump will most likely get reelected with little to no trouble. This is all well and good, but until we really focus on the problem Democrats have with the American people, we always run the risk having the freedoms we love in this nation being reduced or stripped in the face of tyrants who promise gifts with one hand and slap chains on you with the other.


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