Somebody Send a Rescue Chopper to Get Pierce Brosnan, He Just Praised Trump

The news just broke, but I can tell you already that things aren’t going to go well for former James Bond and current Mamma Mia actor, Pierce Brosnan. What did he do wrong?


He praised President Donald Trump.

It’s undeniable that the American economy has done well under Trump. In fact, in terms of the Democrat’s greatest weakness, Trump’s economy is the largest piece of kryptonite in the Democrat’s room. It’s painful to look at and they try to ignore it as much as possible. For the American people living a life outside of the bubble that D.C. provides, the boom is hard to miss.

Brosnan, being an actor, lives in a bubble of his own, but at least he seems to be able to recognize good news when he sees it, and praised Trump’s economy in a recent interview according to The Hill:

“I think what he’s done for the economy is very good,” Brosnan told ITK in a recent interview when asked where he stood as far as potentially fleeing the country.

“People are working, and that’s a step in the right direction,” the “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” star said.

“This country is part of my life,” said the Irish-born performer, who played James Bond in four of the franchise’s films. “I’m an American citizen. I love America and America’s been very good to me. And I want to see happiness come back into our society.”


Brosnan wasn’t all praise when it came to Trump, however. He still bashed the President on climate change and environmentalist things. Still, when asked who he would vote for in 2020, Brosnan would only answer that he’s biding his time on that one.

An interesting response to say the least.

As you can imagine, the anger is already starting to roll in for Brosnan.


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