Tom Brokaw Gets It on Impeachment, Says What We're All Thinking About It

Tom Brokaw may be a lefty, but he has a great habit of saying the quiet part loudly. I say “great habit” because every now and again it’s good to hear something sensible come from the deluge of nonsense that the left produces daily.


According to Brokaw, like many of us, this entire impeachment process has become something of a tiresome thing to keep track of, and is causing his eyes to glaze over. Per to The Hill:

The remarks came during an interview with Stephen Colbert on Monday night’s edition of the “The Late Show” on CBS.

“I did not actually watch the hearings today,” Colbert, a staunch critic of Trump, shared on Monday night.

“I think you do have to keep track of it, but I can also see how it makes the American voters’ eyes glaze over,” Brokaw replied.

“Because it doesn’t seem to be anything except a show on both sides,” he added. “And I think that’s the really dangerous proposition that we’re dealing with now.”

I agree with him, except for one caveat. I do think the Republicans are putting on a show, but they’re putting on a show because they have to. The Democrats are going above and beyond to make Trump look like a criminal and Republicans are forced to come forward in force in order to make Democrats look stupid for doing what they’re doing.


And rest assured, what the Democrats are doing is very stupid. It’d be better for the public to see that fully, and that requires a show on the Republicans part.

But I’m not sure Brokaw was supposed to say what he said about the Democrats being part of the show, however. He does have a habit of putting blame on the Democrats when they deserve it. Take, for instance, when he told an MSNBC panel that Democrats shared blame for the shutdown in January.

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Perhaps we need more old men who don’t care anymore in the media.


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