Thanks Impeachment: Trump Now Beating Every Democrat in Three Battleground States

President Donald Trump smiles during a meeting with Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Sept. 28, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Who knew that when it came to impeachment, its biggest benefactor would be President Donald Trump?

Everyone. Everyone knew that…except the Democrats apparently.

According to Firehouse Strategies, the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all consistently showed that Trump was losing to Joe Biden in a match-up, but recently, polling from Firehouse shows that he’s now falling short of beating Trump by six points, and it’s all thanks to impeachment:

As the race currently stands, President Trump is in the lead in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in hypothetical match-ups against former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Across the three states, Trump’s closest contest is against Joe Biden, although the president leads by an average of 6 percentage points against each Democrat.

As you can see from the graph below, what began as a promising start for Biden has now sunk to below the waterline in all three swing states.

So what can we take away from this poll? Firehouse partner Alex Conant made a very interesting remark to that point.

“Democrats racing towards impeachment are at serious risk of leaving behind the voters they need to retake the White House next year,” said Conant.

Voters neither wish him impeached or forced out of office. They like Trump right where he is. In the White House, making decisions, but that’s an obvious conclusion. More interesting is another fact that may go flying under the radar, but I think it’s far more poignant.


Voters don’t believe Democrats anymore. After years of hearing about Russia and now months of hearing about Ukraine, and with absolutely nothing to show for it, the people are looking at the Democrats as the boy who cried “wolf.” They’ve tuned out.

Both figuratively, and very literally.

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Every day brings some fresh hell for Democrats, who have so let their hatred for Trump cloud their judgment that they continue to act like angry children. The witnesses they bring forth have nothing of substance to add to the hearings, and only serve to reinforce the notion that they’ve become far more obsessed with how they feel than what they can prove.

This makes the Democrat party look childish and inept, and while Trump’s economy is roaring along like a well-oiled machine, the left looks useless by comparison.

In the end, the left can thank themselves for the loss of those battleground states.



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