The Side Effect of the Media's Contempt for Trump Is Hurting You

One of the big side effects of the mainstream media’s hatred of President Donald Trump is one that they think they’re not doing but clearly are.

In its war against Trump, the media is perfectly willing to do things that may damage you in some way, shape, or form if it means they can do damage to Trump. They’re completely unmoved by any good he does to the economy, and if he does, they will downplay it in order to make it seem like it’s either shrug-worthy or even a net negative in some fashion.

Case in point, Benny Johnson of TPUSA posted a video from CNN today showing a report on the fact that unemployment was crashing and people were being hired at a pretty accelerated rate.

Even watching the report I noticed a distinct lack of joy to the fact that Americans were getting work. I thought it odd, and so did Johnson, who also managed to screencap the body language and facial expressions as the report rolled in.

No smiles. In fact, they looked rather apologetic.

This news comes after the media had been doing its best to make our economy seem like it was circling the drain and it was only a matter of time before we took the plunge into a second recession. They did this because, at this time, the sharpest arrow in Trump’s quiver is the strength of his economy.

Experts have noted that a President with a strong economy is one tough person to oust out of office. Historically, if your economy is on the rise, then people don’t want to fix what isn’t broken and will proceed to roll the dice on that person again by casting their vote in favor.

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Trump’s economy is so good that Democrats and the media had no choice but to do two things. For one, they had to place the credit on someone else for it, which was Barack Obama. Secondly, they had to make it seem like Trump’s policies were nothing but a bubble that would burst at any moment. So, across the media landscape, you continuously heard the word “recession.”

The thing is, no recession was coming and the vast majority of economic experts made that clear. Trump made the observation that they wanted this recession to happen. This was, of course, met with pearl-clutching and “how dare you’s” from the media, but it was true. They wanted the economy to fail.

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Just watch this supercut of the media bringing up recession with reckless abandon.

The current state of our economy should make everyone cheer, and if you’re not a part of the hard-left, you probably are, but there is a fascinating piece of knowledge to gleaned here.

The left is willing to sacrifice your livelihood and success if it means damaging Trump’s 2020 chances, which are already pretty secure thanks to the complete failure that continues to be the impeachment proceedings. By the way, the strong economy is one of the reasons these impeachment hearings are going on in the first place.

As I was writing this article, the Democrats are even trying to pretend it’s not happening. Check out this tweet from Democrat frontrunner, Joe Biden.

“A job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity. It’s about being able to look your kid in the eye and say everything is going to be okay—and mean it. Too many people today can’t do that. We have to rebuild an inclusive middle class and restore the dignity of work,” he tweeted.

Democrats want to fix what isn’t broken and believe me, it will cost you.

The point is clear. Democrats are more concerned about gaining, maintaining, and even growing their own power within the government than your well-being. They will hope and pray, and even work for economic failure if it means you start believing it’s the fault of the guy in charge and that they should get the next crack at it.

As you go through the day, keep an eye out for various articles, tweets, and interviews from the left making light of our economic growth, or perhaps even warning about imminent collapse. Many things may have been bad news for the Democrats in these recent months, but nothing truly hits them as hard as economic prosperity.

And that should tell you something.


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