Your Democrats "Superiors" Think They're Correcting Your 2016 Mistake

Before Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency of our great nation, everyone, their dog, and yours truly were all pretty certain that the winner would be Hillary Clinton. Why wouldn’t we? Every poll spoke to Clinton’s overwhelming victory.

I had my doubts about the polls, namely because when I watched Trump rallies vs Clinton rallies, there was a stark contrast in attendance. I couldn’t see the people voting in the polls, but I could see the people filling stadiums to see Trump, while Clinton’s team was having to do a little room rearranging and camera magic to make her rallies seem bigger. Still, I wasn’t yet aware of my folly, and I can openly admit that I’m happy to have been wrong.

But I digress.

During that time leading to the election, you heard many people in the media and even more on social media saying that once Clinton was elected, it was likely that Trump wouldn’t accept the outcome. He would try everything in the book to delegitimize Clinton’s win with investigations and lawsuits. He would spread conspiracy theories and urge his base to take their anger into the streets where there would be riots and violence.

They painted a picture of a would-be tyrant angry that he didn’t get his way.

Then, to the great surprise of many, Trump won despite all the fortune-telling to the contrary, and something interesting happened.

Clinton wouldn’t accept the outcome. She tried everything in the book to delegitimize Trump’s win with investigations and lawsuits. She spread conspiracy theories that urged her base to take their anger into the streets where they started riots and committed violence.

Since the election of Trump, we’ve watched as Democrats and their allies tried every dirty trick in the book to toss Trump out of office. They’ve tried rallies and marches aimed at making Trump seem like a sexist or racist. They’ve ginned up hoaxes about Russian collusion and obstruction, and when that didn’t work, some nonsense about “quid pro quo” in Ukraine.

I think back to the Trump rallies leading up to the 2016 election and all those people who attended. I think about the people who stood outside in nasty weather for hours on end for the chance to get in to see the dude speak. I think about that happening now with the 2020 elections just around the corner.

Then I start to think of all his supporters who have been attacked in various ways for doing nothing but sitting there and minding their own business. All because Democrats and the media have ginned up the idea that Trump really is somewhere between Satan and Hitler and he’s dragging this country back into a dark age.

All of this should tell you something about the Democrats.

They don’t care about what the people want. According to them, they know what’s best for us and will do whatever it takes in order to take the power out of our hands. They look at us like toddlers with scissors, not as a voting public with a say in our own lives. They look at all those people in the packed stadiums as idiots and those who voted for Trump as ignorant fools who were duped by some showman.

Since we didn’t willingly give them what they wanted, they’ve taken it upon themselves to correct our mistake. They view themselves as wise and have a vision for the future that needs to be carried out.

This brings some things into focus.

For one, we can’t call ourselves a free country if Democrats succeed in their efforts to undermine the voting public. Our constitutional republic is a constitutional republic in name only if Democrats can just reverse any decision that we make.

It also gives us a clue about what kind of society we’d be living in if modern-day Democrats came into power through any means, legitimate or no. They clearly don’t believe in the American principles of freedom. They want to be rulers. They want to make decisions for you about your lifestyle, about your children, and about your rights. They want one hand in your pocket and another on the wheel of your business.

The truth is that the Democrats are would-be tyrants, and while I’m not saying that the right is perfect, I’d rather err on the side of a party that leans toward freedom than lean toward one that is now openly in favor of failed governmental systems, unrealistic solutions to unrealistic problems, and blatantly spits on your rights.

This should be obvious, but thanks to flowery rhetoric and carefully chosen approaches to situations, Democrats have painted themselves as rescuers of our “Democracy.” Peel away the showy words and you have a stark truth.

Trump may have the next election in the bag, but we can’t get lazy. When it comes time to vote, don’t think you can skip out because your neighbor’s got it. Go vote. Keep these tyrants out of office.



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