Here's Megyn Kelly's Interview With Fired ABC News Producer Connected to Leaked Hot Mic Moment


Earlier today, Megyn Kelly took to her Instagram and told everyone that she had interviewed the woman who had at least been partly responsible for the leaked the footage of Amy Robach’s hot mic moment, detailing that ABC News had spiked a story about Jeffrey Epstein after being “threatened a million different ways.”


Kelly has now released the interview on her YouTube, and we now know the identity of the woman who leaked the footage. Her name is Ashley Bianco, a young woman who was a producer at both ABC News and CBS News.

As Kelly kicked off the interview, Bianco explains that while she did not leak the footage herself, she did create the clip that Project Veritas had released to the public. Bianco said she “tagged” the moment, which was common practice.

Bianco said that Robach knew she was on a hot mic, and that she was being broadcast to all the affiliates. She noted the event was likely important and did what she had always done. She clipped the footage but didn’t inform a manager that she’d done it.

“Everyone in the office was freaked out by what she was saying, and everyone was watching it,” said Bianco of Robach’s hot mic moment, adding that it was potentially a moment for “office gossip.”

Kelly asked if there was any intention to embarrass Robach or ABC, and Bianco became emotional, holding back tears as she explained that she wasn’t trying to cause trouble.

“No, never,” said Bianco. “The three years I’ve spent at ABC — I loved my time there. I’m a good employee. I worked seven days a week. I loved my job.”

Bianco went on to explain that clipping things for later was a part of her job.

“I’m a video editor,” she explained. “I clip off moments all the time. I put together funny anchor reels of them off-camera doing funny stuff to use later in the show.”


Bianco said that she didn’t rewatch the clip later, and hadn’t even thought about it after that moment. That was the last time she had anything to do with that clip from that moment on. She also claimed she’d never heard of Project Veritas until they had broken the clip of Robach.

She also made mention that this particular clip of Robach occurred on August 19th.

Kelly asked Bianco to describe what happened from the moment the Project Veritas story broke. Bianco told Kelly that she had been at CBS a grand total of four days before she was fired. She wasn’t given the opportunity to defend herself, or even know what she was accused of.

“It was humiliating. It was devastating,” she said, holding back tears and voicing her worry that she’ll never get a job anywhere else.

Bianco warned ABC News that the leaker was still inside the company, and suggested that it could have been anyone who saw that moment. According to her, many people were talking about it throughout the day and taking videos of it.

As Kelly mentions in the interview, James O’Keefe, the leader of Project Veritas has confirmed that Bianco is not the leaker, and published writing from the actual leaker.


The leaker, who is currently going by the name “Ignatus” sent a message to the wrongfully accused employees, saying he did not intend any harm to come to anyone.

The truth is, it might not be anyone at ABC proper. As Bianco stated the leaker could have been any number of the affiliates that she said were being broadcast to at that very moment. This makes the potential suspects who could have leaked to the video to O’Keefe grow to hundreds, if not thousands.

No matter how you slice it, Bianco was fired unfairly. It’s likely that this was a knee-jerk reaction from someone in management who was trying to look like the hero who took action. In reality, this is another disgusting move by ABC News in its mission to coverup the truth about a coverup involving powerful people attached to a child sex ring.


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