Witches, Planes in Black Holes, and Dog Memes: The List of Things the Media Will Cover That Are Not Epstein Is Embarrassing

One of the largest scandals over the century is staring us right in the face. A billionaire financier with ties to some of the most powerful people in the world who ran an underage sex trafficking business dies in his prison cell with all the guards, cameras, and fellow inmates’ backs turned. A medical examiner ruled it as a suicide, but autopsy reports show that his death was inconsistent with suicide.

It’s clear that there is a massive mystery surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein, and there are so many rats to smell that the public is coughing from the stench of it. In fact, we’re coughing very loudly and deliberately.

The “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme has grown so large that it’s gone beyond a meme on the internet. It’s now appearing in real life, including during airport announcements.

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The public’s unending interest in the death of Epstein would make media outlets ravenous for information on any normal day. In fact, they wouldn’t stop talking about it on CNN, who I’ll remind you went all-in on a missing airplane, even to the point where the networked overdosed and Don Lemon suggested it might have fallen into a black hole.

No, that actually happened.

CNN won an award for its coverage of the Malaysian flight, just thought I’d throw that tidbit of info in there.

But CNN’s willingness to dive into black holes to explain missing jetliners helps me highlight a point. The media is willing to go to great lengths to talk about stories people are interested in, no matter how ridiculous…yet Epstein is off the table?

There are more examples.

During the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, ABC News dedicated an entire piece to a coven of witches who were planning on casting a hex on Kavanaugh. It gave the time and place of the event, interviewed the witches, and even the reaction to it by a Catholic group.

This is the same ABC News that had a mountain of information about Epstein in its hands and chose not to run it after being “threatened a million different ways,” including not getting an interview with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This is the same ABC News, mind you, that recently took footage of a Kentucky gun range from 2016 and shoved it into news reports as Turkey bombing the Kurds. It was so desperate to get information out to us that made President Donald Trump look bad that it jumped at unconfirmed footage like a fat kid on cake.

To review, ABC News won’t give us confirmed information it has about a huge scandal, but it will pass unconfirmed information to us in the absence of information.

If you’re hoping ABC News would possibly learn its lesson and start doing the reporting on Epstein that is necessary now that the cat is out of the bag, don’t hold your breath. As my colleague Brad Slager reported, ABC News decided to put its efforts into investigating who leaked the video above. As of this writing, it’s being reported that ABC News worked out who the leaker was and CBS has already fired him.

Quick and decisive sleuthing there, ABC News.

But it’s not just ABC News and CNN. The New York Times is just as thirsty to break news like any other major news organization, and yet, as of this writing, the last thing it talked about when it came to Epstein is that his autopsy was “disputed” at the end of October.

This is the same New York Times which just recently dedicated a solid chunk of time to dissecting the meme Trump posted of himself giving the dog who took down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the Medal of Pawnor. Trump posted the meme on Twitter, and The New York Times researched who was in the picture before the dog was photoshopped over it, found a way to contact the guy, interviewed him, and posted a story about it.

That all happened in the span of around four hours.

The New York Times knows how to get information and has a lot of resources and pull to get it and get it quickly, yet it doesn’t want to gather any about Epstein?

Major news outlets will dedicate hours on end to stories that serve a political purpose despite the evidence being thin. They constantly claim there’s tons of smoke in almost every scandal involving their ideological opponents on the Right, but rarely ever find a fire. If they don’t have information, then they’ll release piece after piece speculating of how their enemy is guilty, like it’s political fan-fiction.

Quick aside, The New York Times did release political fan-fiction once, including a story about how Trump was assassinated by his security detail.

There are two things to consider here.

The obvious one is that the media are obviously willing to ignore a massive story about corruption in the highest tiers of western society, and that should give us pause. If they’re ignoring a child sex traffic ring run by and used by the rich and powerful, then what else is being ignored? What crimes and atrocities are the media turning a blind eye to that they know full well are happening? How many lives could be saved right now if the media actually did their job and shined light where it’s darkest?

The second one is that we are now neck-deep in proof that the media are willing to go dark on major stories in order to protect corrupt people in power. The press’s job is to keep them in check, yet as the recent ABC News scandal shows us, they aren’t doing it. They’re doing the opposite of it.

This means that they’re working with the most corrupt members of society in order to maintain the status quo and keep themselves in power. I can say that without any hint of tin foil on my head. We have the proof staring at us in the face. It’s staring ABC News in the soul.

These Epstein memes are funny to be sure, but behind them is a very serious scandal. The thing they represent is a huge conversation about what the hell the media are doing and who they actually are. They’ll report about nonsense, proof-less scandals, and dog memes, but not overt corruption and crime in the high halls of society when they have the information in their laps?

The media needs a reboot.


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