Sick: Drag Queen Mimics Brutal Abortion and Dismembering of a Baby In New York Bar


A video has surfaced of a drag queen simulating a brutal and disgusting act at a New York bar, simulating the death, dismemberment, and cannibalism of a baby.

The following description and video are graphic. If you’re uneasy with this kind of thing, now’s your chance to go read another of RedState’s fine articles.


The drag queen, known as Blair Back, can be seen sitting on a bar as Ke$ha’s “cannibal” plays in the background. Back is wearing a costume that features a replica of a pregnant belly. He begins to stab at his belly with a knife, tearing it open and reaching inside. When he removes his hand, it’s coated in blood. He reaches inside again and this time pulls out what is simulated to be guts. He picks up a glass and squeezes a load of mock blood into the glass and into his mouth.

Back continues by pulling a small plastic baby out of his “stomach” and licks it while dancing and mouthing the words to Ke$ha’s song. After a few moments of this, Back picks up the glass and drinks the “blood” out of it. He then pours the rest of the glass over his head and then proceeds to pull more simulated guts out of his “stomach” and squeezing the “blood” out of them and onto himself.

The grand finale has Back taking the plastic baby, twisting its head off, dancing with it, licking its face, then swinging it around his head.


You can view the video below, but again, these images may shock some viewers.

The reaction to the video has been vastly negative no matter where it’s posted with many accusing Back of going too far.

On a personal note, while I understand that Halloween costumes are supposed to sometimes be disturbing, this one crosses a line that even I find gross and I’m typically not bothered by overt acts of attention-grabbing like this one. Clearly, Back is disturbed.

Let’s hope he doesn’t show up to any story hours at your local library.


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