Beautiful: Kanye and James Corden Sing to God With Gospel Choir and Talk Faith on an Airplane

We rarely get truly beautiful beautiful moments from the mainstream media, but we were treated to one recently thanks to The Late Late Show host, James Corden.


Corden had Kanye West on as a guest, who recently released the album “JESUS IS KING,” his first, and hopefully not last, entry into the Christian music genre.

But Corden had a special way in which he wanted to interview Kanye. Instead of just having him come into the studio and sit and talk for a few minutes, Corden had Kanye join him on a flight and filled the rest of the cabin with choir members. It’s a segment Corden calls “Airpool Karaoke.”

The two began a back and forth, talking about marriage is “heavenly” but humorously mentioned marriage years are like dog years (one year is a hundred), and Kanye’s walk toward faith.

“God’s always had a plan for me and he wanted to use me, but I think he wanted me to suffer more and wanted people to see my suffering and see my pain and put stigmas on me and have me go through all the human experiences,” Kanye said.

“So now, when I talk about how Jesus saved me, more people can relate to that experience. If it was just, ‘We grew up with this guy and he’s a superstar’, it’s less compelling than this guy who had a mental breakdown and this guy was in debt.”

Many are skeptical of Kanye’s faith, but hearing him talk about it, he seems very genuine. He’s made a walk few in his position have made, and what’s more, few have been open about as he has.


The most magical part of the interview, however, wasn’t the interview itself.

It was watching as Kanye sang selections off his new album with Corden and the gospel 100+ gospel choir on the plane. They even sang Kanye’s old song “Jesus Walks,” but with a couple of new twists to reflect Kanye’s faith.

“I don’t know if it’s the plane or the altitude, or just because we’re in the sky, but I really am starting to feel closer to God. I’ll be honest,” said Corden.

It’s amazing that this was even shown on mainstream media. You don’t often get to see two mainstream figures happily giving glory to God, at least in the open. Not only was the moment beautiful, but the music was, too. You can almost feel the energy of the choir through the screen as they sing about Christ and his power.

It’s honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve seen this month. Let’s hope we see a lot more of them.


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