NCAA Names a Man Their "Female Athlete of the Week," Leaves Out a Few Key Details About Him

Jonathan Eastwood loved to compete in track, and was rather good at it. After he became “June” in middle school, and began identifying himself as a girl, his interest continued, and now he competes as a girl against real girls for the University of Montana.


You may not be surprised to hear this, but he seems to be faster than them.

Just to add insult to the women’s injured pride, the NCAA’s Big Sky Conference named Eastwood the “female athlete of the week,” after he beat another female competitor in a race, and was selected for the honor, beating out other female nominees according to The College Fix. Interestingly enough, neither UM nor the NCAA mentions the fact that Eastwood is actually a man:

Eastwood beat out eight other nominated competitors for Female Athlete of the Week, all of whom appear to be biological women judging by their official college headshots. The conference does not note Eastwood is transgender.

The University of Montana does not even note that the conference has male and female categories in its press release on Eastwood’s recognition.

It simply says Eastwood was named “Big Sky Conference Athlete of the Week” after beating San Diego State University’s Jenny Sandoval, who also appears to be a biological woman. (The Missoulian published a condensed version of the press release without identifying it as such, instead crediting the article to “Missoulian staff.”)

UM even gave Eastwood a glowing review in an introductory video. As you can imagine, they focused quite a bit on all the “negative” attention Eastwood has being thrown his way.

You’ll notice that in the video, they only really show one supportive fellow female athlete. The rest seem to be left out. They don’t exactly allow for a well-rounded take.

So sum it up, a man wins a race meant for women, is given recognition and awards meant for women, and no one running the show thought to even mention that Eastwood was a man in the official paperwork. On top of that, they also push a propaganda piece in order to make Eastwood’s arrival on the women’s scene seem uplifting and legitimate.


Imagine being a female athlete having worked so hard for years to make it to where you are. You push yourself through grueling training and compete against people who could overtake you in a moment if you even slip once. You’ve perfected your game for the majority of your life.

Then when it comes time for the moment you’ve been preparing for all your life, you get beat out by a guy who injected himself with some meds, grows out his hair, and demands you call him by a different name.

The only other thing that one could feel, outside of the crushing disappointment and sadness, is allout rage.

It’s interesting that we’ve rarely seen the media put the camera on those actual women and girls who have been cast aside and shortchanged. It’s telling that officials don’t even want to discuss Eastwood’s real sex.

It’s cheating, what MU and Eastwood are doing. This needs to be called out.



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