Abortion Clinic Asks Ambulance to Drive With No Sirens to Not Draw Attention to Botched Abortion

If an abortion goes wrong, patients must be taken to an actual clinic or hospital where the patient can then be worked on by actual medical staff. This usually means an ambulance ride, but for an abortion clinic in Austin, Texas, presenting the idea that abortions are the safest and healthiest thing any woman can do must be maintained.


According to LifeNews.com, records of a 9-1-1 call show that the Austin abortion clinic “Whole Woman’s Health” messed up an abortion procedure in August and requested an ambulance come and retrieve a patient. The clinic requested that the ambulance nix the sirens so as not to draw attention according to the call transcript:

WWH: “So, we’re transporting a patient.  She was having a surgical procedure here with us for termination services, and unfortunately she’s having some type of an infection that makes us unable to continue with the procedure, so the doctor wanted to transfer her to the hospital.”

911: “How old is the patient?”

WWH: “She is 31.”

. . .

WWH: “Yes, and if you could request that they come without the sirens?”

911: “Yeah, they do come with their sirens, but they usually shut them down when they get close.”

The abortion clinic was reportedly going through a multi-day procedure that involves opening the cervix over the course of one or two days then dismembering the baby within the womb. It’s unclear if the clinic was the cause of the infection, but the clinic had to halt the procedure and allow the hospital to finish it according to records.

“Calling for an ambulance to run with no sirens shows that Whole Woman’s Health is trying to hide their medical emergencies from the public,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman according to LifeNews.  “Women have the right to know what they face when they walk into an abortion facility, and that is one of the reasons we publish these incidents. The public needs to understand just how dangerous abortions really are.”


The current narrative from the pro-abortion advocates is that abortion is incredibly routine and safe, however, botched abortions happen more often than they’d like to tell you. According to Fox News, babies are actually born alive during botched abortions more often than the media is likely to discuss:

The most recent information comes from Minnesota, which reported in June that three infants were born alive in 2018 after induced termination of a pregnancy. That brings the state total to 11 since 2016. Arizona reported 10 in 2017 and Florida had 19 such instances since 2017. Nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 143 cases between 2003 and 2014 of infants born after attempted abortions, though those figures may be incomplete.

Over the past three years alone, 40 babies were born alive during failed abortions.

Abortion is not as routine and foolproof as abortionists like to portray.



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