Democrat Asks Mark Zuckerberg a Series of Bizarre Identity Question During Clown Show of a Hearing

Congressional hearings can be chock full of ridiculous questions, like whether or not Guam will tip over because of overpopulation.

During Wednesday’s hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Democrats didn’t disappoint, specifically Texas Rep. Al Green.


What was already known to be a dog and pony show of a hearing got more than bizarre when Green’s turn to grill Zuckerberg came around. In his very low and slow voice, Green began by asking about the “Libra Project,” which is Facebook’s attempt at starting up their own cryptocurrency.

His question had almost nothing to do with the goal of the project itself instead focused on the social justice aspect of who was working on it. That may have come as no surprise, given that California Rep. Maxine Waters took the same line of questioning.

Green asked Zuckerberg to confirm whether or not multiple corporations were working on the Libra Project. Zuckerberg confirmed it, adding that 21 different companies and non-profit groups were in on it.

That’s when Green broke out the clown questions.

“Of the 21, how many are headed by women?” asked Green.

Why Zuckerberg was expected to have this information locked away in his brain for a moment just like this is beyond me, and Zuckerberg politely informed Green that he doesn’t have that information off the top of his head, but that he could get that information for him.

“One would assume you would know who heads these corporations that are going to be running this global company,” said Green.


“How many of them are minorities, Mr. Zuckerberg,” Green continued.

Once again, Zuckerberg answered that he didn’t know off the top of his head. Seemingly feeling that he had Zuckerberg pushed into a corner, Green pushed forward.

“Are there any members of the LGBTQ-plus community associated with this association Mr. Zuckerberg,” asked Green.

Green clarified quickly that he meant those who are identifying themselves openly as members of the LGBT community. He quickly moved on to accusing the Libra Project of being run by primarily white men.

What any of this has to do with the Libra Project isn’t exactly clear. It would seem that both Waters and Green are of the mind that they can somehow paint this project as racist, sexist, and homophobic. What someone’s race, sex, or sexuality have to do with their ability to run a cryptocurrency company wasn’t exactly discussed in detail.

But what really stood out was that Green wanted Zuckerberg to identify LGBT members of the team. Again, Zuckerberg knowing that off the top of his head is already a pretty ridiculous thing to expect, but more than that, Zuckerberg — and possibly other CEOs who may be faced with a Democrat firing line — to keep track of who is and isn’t gay within their working groups.


That’s not exactly everyone’s business, to begin with, least of all Al Green’s. It’s also not something CEO’s should really have to worry about. CEO’s should be hiring based on whether or not a person can do a job, and do it well. Green seems to believe that talent and ability mean nothing in the face of someone’s identity.

Is Green suggesting that Zuckerberg include “are you a homosexual” among the questions asked when it comes to choosing who he hires or groups he works with?

But I’m willing to bet it’s only certain identities. I’d doubt very much Green would give the same line of questioning to anyone who primarily hires minorities or LGBT people.


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