Twitter Deletes Trump's Viral "Look at This Photograph" Meme that Targeted Biden

It was a hilarious moment when President Donald Trump, the leader of the free world, tweeted out a hilarious meme that proved former VP Joe Biden was lying about discussing business dealings overseas with his son, Hunter.


The meme featured a clip from the song “Photograph” by Nickelback, which became a meme a few years ago. This time, Trump’s team put a picture of the Bidens and a Ukrainian gas executive. Trump released the meme on Twitter and it swiftly went viral.

However, it would appear that Twitter has deleted the video in response to a complaint by the “copyright holder.”

While the video was taken down on Twitter, a copy of it still exists on YouTube.

Who made the complaint is currently unclear, though the owner of the song is Warner Media Group, so it was likely them who made Twitter take the video down. The problem is that the clip was used in a meme and transformed so as to be used as a parody. There was also no attempt to make money off it, so the clip is, or at least should be fair use.

If I was Trump’s team, I’d fight the claim.


According to KPIX-TV, Biden had seen the meme and made a response, telling reporters that he’s not going anywhere and that he’s not going to destroy him or his family.

It’s a bit odd hearing Biden say that, seeing as how he and the Democrats are currently trying to destroy Trump with constant claims of wrongdoing that they never find. Their impeachment efforts really boil down to the fact that they just don’t like him.

When it comes to this Ukraine business, it would appear that the Biden family really is in the muck for doing something more than shady, and the fact that the media is doing whatever it can to distract from that and focus on Trump is more indicative of corruption on multiple levels than anything else.



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