Old Woman Harassed by Antifa for Attending a Free Speech Event Has a Message for Them

Screenshot via this video.

By now, you’ve seen the video of the old woman attempting to cross the street to attend a lecture on free speech, only to be impeded by three members of Antifa who refuse to let her pass and began screaming accusations at her and her son that they were Nazis.


If you haven’t, here it is. It’s going to get your blood boiling as you watch the old woman attempt to be on her way, and Antifa literally putting their feet in the way of her walker.

Her son, David Turkoski, commented on the tactics of these Antifa punks who harassed the old woman as reported by my colleague Sister Toldja. According to him, their name is highly contradictory to their actions.

“It strikes me as contradictory that a group opposing Nazis or fascists would engage in these tactics. The suppression of opposition is a cornerstone of fascism, while it is our freedom to debate ideas that is a cornerstone of democracy,” said Turkoski.

It would appear that Turkoski’s mother also has something to say. It’s simple, and it’s a direct message to Antifa, the real fascists.

“Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, and can never and will never be denied,” she said.


The thing about Antifa is that they’re consistently doing fascistic things in order to achieve what they consider to be a Utopia. What’s completely lost on them is that this is exactly what every fascistic dictator has done throughout history. They oppress others and claim they’re doing it in the name of good.

However, there’s nothing good about screaming accusations of Nazism at people as you try to prevent them from attending an event about free speech. Not only is it disgusting, it’s fascistic.

In order to live in a society free of fascism, we need to make sure that the most basic of rights to free speech stay secured and well-practiced. Not allowing the freedom to express opinions and beliefs is the first step on a very slippery slope that leads to some of the worst governments humanity has seen.

This woman’s message was simple, but it is far more powerful than anything screamed at her by ridiculous people in masks who mistake bullying for heroism.


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