Watch: Lindsey Graham Buries Any Hope that Dems Will Impeach Trump On Whistleblower "Sham"

SCREENSHOT: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

While on “Face the Nation,” Chair of the Senate Judicial Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham, wasn’t mincing words and was telling hostess Margaret Brennan it like it is.


Graham went after the “whistleblower” and the phone call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in July which Democrats claim is Trump asking a foreign power to investigate former VP Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Democrats are using this phone call as a means to impeach Trump.

Graham, however, doesn’t see anything there and made it clear that Democrats have absolutely nothing but hearsay based on the fact that this whistleblower only heard about this phone call from a different source. Graham made it clear that Trump, being an American, gets to face his accuser in court just like everybody else, and that all of this if flimsy at best.

“I can’t believe we’re talking about impeaching the president based on an accusation based on hearsay. Who is this whistleblower? What bias do they have? Why did they pick this whistleblower to tell a hearsay story? The transcript does not match the complaint,” said Graham. “What’s going on here? Why did they change the rules about a whistleblower you can use hearsay when you could not just weeks before the complaint?”


Graham later made sure everyone understood that the whistleblower complaint is complete nonsense by pointing out the transcripts don’t point to any quid pro quo and that the phone call is nothing but Trump suggesting that the Ukrainian government may have some corrupt people within it for firing an AG who was investigating Hunter Biden.

Graham made it clear that Trump won’t be impeached for this as long as he’s around.

“This whistleblower complaint is based on hearsay. We’re not going to impeach a president on hearsay as long as I’m around,” said Graham. “This is a sham. There is a political smell to this that’s far different from Mueller.”


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