Dear Leftists, Help Me Understand How Sexual Displays Convey Arguments

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Sex sells, but it also repels.

I feel like the left using sexual displays and exhibitionism in conjunction with political functions has increased quite a bit over the past decade, and I’ve never understood it. As I wrote back in 2016, the left’s use of nudity never made me want to give their movement or pet political project any more attention. I’m just going to continue on with my day knowing what you look like in your birthday suit.


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But while nudity is a surefire way to get someone’s attention, we’ve now gotten to the point where overt sexual displays have made appearances in almost every subject the left wants to protest about and I don’t see the connection between the two.

For instance, “Shutdown D.C.” was supposed to be a march/demonstration that was supposed to “bring awareness” to the fight against climate change. That we’re already well aware of it aside, the demonstrators did some backward things in order to get their point across. For one, they clogged up the roads, keeping all those gas-guzzling, emission spewing cars on the road for even longer.

But then this also happened.

Yeah, that’s a man in jean shorts and suspenders dancing like a female stripper while another protester throws paper confetti on him. This happened in front of a display that read “Stop Pipelines Now.”

What was the point of all that? How is this going to affect climate change or get people to sign on board with your side? It seems counterproductive, especially when it came to the littering during an environmental focused demonstration. It looks more like an attempt at attention for the self, rather than standing up for a cause. No points are being made. It’s just a gross dude dancing grossly.


You could argue that you’ve brought attention to the quest to stop pipelines, but the average American is going to see this guy dance and think that this is the group they want to sign on with. It has nothing to do with homophobia, and everything to do with the fact that your chosen form of argument is to act like a fool using your butt.

He’s not the only one. Here’s the D.C. Pride march earlier this year devolving into twerking on a police car.

Second verse same as the first. How is this convincing people to get on board with the LGBT community? It looks more like a middle finger to the police, and I tend to like most police officers. My dad is a retired officer himself.

Gays and lesbians certainly deserve to be treated like people, but where pride marches are supposed to be geared toward LGBT peoples presenting themselves as being proud members of your local community, we too often see overt sexual displays that make people wonder what the hell kind of point is being made by two guys waving their banana hammocks at crowds.

What’s more, they want your kid to witness this “kink” as one activist said. It’s even better, apparently, if they take part in the kink like they encouraged this young child to do as he danced sexually in the midst of a Pride march crowd.

There is no argument or being made. I’m not getting a sense of humanity or a feeling of empathy towards the protesters. It’s just self-gratification in a quest to get attention and probably a way to stick it to your parents, or whatever authority figure you’re trying to make angry.


Isn’t the point of these things to convince people to join your side? Why have so many leftist protests been made about sex when it’s about something completely different?

As a result, I can guarantee that people are going to be less likely to take your side seriously. That’s the end result of you throwing off your clothes and/or dancing like a downtown stripper on B-squad night.



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