It's Not a Right, Democrats

Beto O'Rourke by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

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Americans have God-given rights that are outlined conveniently in a document appropriately called the “Bill of Rights.” It’s a list that essentially tells the government that it cannot deprive an American citizen of certain things or oblige certain things unless a strict set of requirements are met that allows a government body to deprive or take away said right.


It’s a pretty simple document to follow and is pretty clear about what is and isn’t a right. According to the left, however, everything that their voting base wants, no matter how picayune, is a right.

Abortion? That’s a right. Education, even into college? That’s a right too. Migrating here illegally? Also a right. Sen. Bernie Sanders alone seems to come up with a new right every day and throws them around like Oprah giving out free cars.

Then we have failed Texas Senate candidate and failing 2020 Presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke who is telling everyone that it’s a right to be able to live close to your work.

Just real fast, let’s take a look at what rights we have in the Bill of Rights.

I’m seeing the right to free speech and to practice whatever religion I please. I’m seeing the right to own a firearm and protection from being unreasonably searched, as well as due process.

What I’m not seeing is the right to an abortion or higher education. I’m definitely not seeing the right to live in or around a rich neighborhood when I’m not rich myself.


What rights we have are outlined clearly. Some things may be legal, but that does not make them rights. For instance, you can legally get an abortion, but you have no right to it. If a state wants to ban abortions, they can do that. However, a state cannot tell its residents that it can’t have a gun. They can complicate and restrict it, but they can’t ban ownership.

This is the important thing to remember about rights. They’re a boundry for the government. It says the government cannot interfere or hamper the listed right and if and when a citizen needs to practice any given right, the government will oblige whether it likes it or not.

In short, you cannot force the government to provide you with a place next to Rich Uncle Pennybags. It can legally provide you with one under various circumstances, but that doesn’t make it a right.

So why are they saying these things are rights when they’re not? It’s multiple reasons.

The first is that they believe they can get away with it because they’re pretty sure you haven’t read the bill of rights yourself, or they’re relying on the fact that you think they know how the Constitution works better than you do. In other words, they’re banking on ignorance they hope you have.


I advise going through the Constitution. It’s an easy read.

The second reason is that they’re hoping you’ll buy their “it’s a right” talk in order to convince you that they’re going to provide things that are being denied to you by those people, and “those people” can be whichever boogie man they need at the time. In O’Rourke’s video, you can see the role of the villain is played by “the rich.”

So he wants you to believe that he’ll force the rich to back down from blocking your right to having a house near them. The truth is that the rich can’t stop you from practicing your right to have a house next to them because you don’t have a right to have a house next to them in the first place.

It sure does sound heroic of him, though, doesn’t it? Almost as if he’s willing to fight for the little guy.

And that brings me to reason three of why he’s telling you it’s a right. He wants you to believe he’s a man of good character who will stand up for the underprivileged. In fact, it’s a common thing among Democrats be it Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. They pretend to be champions of the downtrodden.

They’re not. Sanders is a rich man who owns multiple homes despite his supposed love of socialism. Warren is an elitist whose lifestyle is far removed from the people she claims to be one with. O’Rourke actually has a history of screwing over the poor and taking their property away via eminent domain.


For a guy who says living somewhere is a right, he sure seems willing to take it away from you if it’s beneficial to him.

Look into what Democrats are promising you and you may be surprised with how much they’re lying to you. If you’re a little insulted, you have the right to be angry and give voice to that anger. I encourage it.


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