Watch: Jim Mattis Leaves Andrea Mitchell at a Loss for Words After Torpedoing Her Anti-Trump Narrative

And here it is, your moment of zen.

While appearing on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was asked about the damage President Donald Trump was doing to the NATO alliance.


“In the last two years we’ve seen our alliances weaken in NATO, specifically in Asia and in Europe,” said Mitchell.

Mattis responded by pointing out that what we always see is the tensions, “because that’s what always grabs your attention.”

“However, right now you see a NATO – I think we’re in the fourth or fifth straight year – of the nations…increasing their defense budgets,” said Mattis.

“I can say quantitatively NATO’s actually stronger today,” he continued.

Mattis said that the tensions seen between countries in NATO have always been there, and said he can trace every President back to Clinton saying that NATO allies need to pay more. What’s more, Mattis has told these nations personally that the American people will never care about the lives of their children more than they do, and that it’s up to them to provide more to their defense.

For a few seconds, Mitchell seemed rudderless. She began to speak as if to counter Mattis, but immediately pivoted to his resignation letter in order to change the subject.


It’s always fun to watch the mainstream media get its narrative’s teeth figuratively kicked in as we learn the truth. Mattis has never been one to shy away from reality, and the fact that he’s bringing it onto shows where they were hoping there’d be something damning to attack Trump with is just hilarious.

Mattis is currently making the rounds to promote his new book Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead. While many seemed to think it’d be an anti-Trump screed, Mattis is disappointing a lot of people.



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