WATCH: Black Republican Shows Up at Democrat Protest and Demands they Pay Reparations

SCREENSHOT: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon

The concept of reparations is beyond ridiculous. It’s the idea that people who never owned slaves should pay people who never were slaves in order to make up for the wrongs done to people who aren’t around anymore by people who are just as dead.


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Still, many on the left demand reparations are paid to black Americans despite the logistical impossibilities and moral conundrums.

This is why one black Trump supporter decided to see if he couldn’t make the left put their money where their mouth is. Heading to Grand Central Station in NYC, he held up a Trump 2020 sign and began telling the white leftists in the area that it’s time to pay up, not because he wants their money, but because they said he deserves it.

“I will immediately turn it over to the Trump campaign,” the man said. “I don’t want your money.”

“You say I deserve reparations. White liberals and Democrats, pay up!” he continued. “Pay up because you told me I deserve reparations. I did not ask for it. They told me that to buy my bote, but you won’t get my vote. My vote is going here, to Trump 2020.”

“Put your money in my bank account and you will be healed,” he added.


Unsurprisingly, not one of the white leftists in the room gave him any money. In fact, one of them who was wearing a black mask told him to “f*** off” as she walked by him.

It was definitely a provocative stunt, but the point is pretty solid. For all the alleged guilt white people are supposed to feel, I don’t see them offering up their personal money to the cause. It’s been all about making it a mandatory government action.

That doesn’t say a lot about their convictions. In fact, if anything, it points to the fact that they don’t really believe it at all and are just trying to buy the votes of the black community as this man said.

Funny enough, if you look at the pattern of how the Democrats have treated the black community, you can quickly see that they don’t necessarily care about the black community all that much. During the 2016 elections, the Democrats were all about the plight of the black community. Now they seem to have shrugged them off in favor of illegal immigrants.

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In fact, after the controversy with President Donald Trump highlighting the horrible rat infestation and trash problem in Baltimore, the Democrats were content to just call Trump and the Republicans racist while it was Trump supporters who actually went down there to help out. Even as Democrats tried to create a media spectacle, black Baltimore residents were shouting down Democrats. This was not shown by the mainstream media, who ignored their voices.

For Democrats, the black community is a useful tool, not a people.


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