A Houston Woman Proves to Her Attackers and the Media that a Gun Is a Girl's Best Friend

Those who would take your guns from you like to pretend that the “good guy with a gun” scenario is a myth. Even the government disagrees with that, and you can find a myriad of stories detailing criminals being greeted with the business end of a firearm on the daily.


Just so that it doesn’t get completely swept under the rug, however, I want to highlight this recent story. It’s not about a “good guy with a gun,” but a woman with a gun.

According to KHOU-TV, a woman in Houston, Texas, was pulling into her apartment when a group of men descended on her car and attempted to get at her. The men thought they had the upper hand until the woman showed them how mistaken they were:

Houston police say the woman was pulling into her parking spot at the apartments when she noticed a group of men hanging out near the area of the mailboxes about 20 yards away.

As she parked her car, the men approached her vehicle and one of them reached into her passenger side window, which she had been trying to roll up. Police say the man had tried to grab the woman’s purse before she was able to pull out a handgun.

Police say the woman fired two shots, forcing the men to run from the scene. Then officers received a second call of a man who was found with a gunshot wound on the other side of the complex about 100 yards away.

The man was later transported to the hospital for two gunshot wounds and was last seen in surgery. The woman, meanwhile, will face zero charges after describing the men as being armed themselves.

And there you have it. Maybe those men would have taken her purse and that would have been the end of it, or maybe not. Maybe they intended to do a lot more than that. We’ll never know and that we don’t have to know is the best part of this story. The woman’s ability to defend herself with the best means possible is what kept this story from becoming tragic.


It’s sad that we have so many people in America willing to tell a woman like this that she shouldn’t have the right to own the weapon that possibly saved her life. When they advocate for the removal of your 2nd Amendment rights, this is the kind of story they ignore and see to that it never happens again.

The truth is that, despite everything that the gun grabbers promote, guns are a girl’s best friend. The harsh reality is that women aren’t typically as strong as men and are too often victims of men with ill intent. In a physical confrontation, more often than not, the woman will lose the fight and be subjected to whatever that man has in store her for her.

A gun does a lot to tip the scales for the woman. A man can’t physically overpower or intimidate a piece of metal traveling at high speeds.

If anyone should be advocating for the rights of gun owners, it’s women.


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