Dave Chappelle's Audience Reviews are In, and the People Made It Clear that the Critics are Very Wrong

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Yesterday I covered how Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “Sticks and Stones” wasn’t fairing very well with audience critics, despite the fact that every person I’ve spoken to had nothing but great things to say about it.


As I’ve said in my own recommendation, “Sticks and Stones” isn’t going to agree with everyone’s political — and definitely not moral — sensibilities, but he is happy to shove the PC and cancel culture nonsense back into the faces of the people that spew it. It’s dirty and at times wrong, but it’s refreshing regardless.

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Because Chappelle went and practiced comedy like a comedian should and avoided resorting to the social justice left approved “clapter” that we’ve seen so many “comedians” resort to, the left hated “Sticks and Stones” and proceeded to try to put it down wherever they could. This included on Rotten Tomatoes where for a good long while, Chappelle’s special sported a 0 percent rating.

For some reason, Rotten Tomatoes took their sweet time in releasing the audience scores, but now that they have, we can get a good idea of how good it actually is.

The audience rating is currently at 99 percent.

For those unfamiliar with how the rating system on Rotten Tomatoes works, the critic score is often something you ignore and the audience score is what you actually want to pay attention to. Too often, the critic score isn’t based on whether or not the movie is actually enjoyable, but what it does.


For instance, 2018’s Death Wish starring Bruce Willis was one of the standout movies of that year for me. It dealt very well with the issue of private gun ownership and promoted the idea of the good guy with the gun. Most importantly, it was just a good movie all around. Well paced and very entertaining. The audience, however, gave it a 73 percent rating.

Critics hated the movie because it was so pro-gun and resonated too much with a narrative they’d been trying to craft about how all guns in any situation are evil. It currently sits with a 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes despite the fact that the movie is entertaining and a fresh look at the gun issue.

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On the flipside, Captain Marvel has a 78 percent critic score while the audience gave it a 55 percent rating and that was after some tampering by Rotten Tomatoes to make the audience score look better. Captain Marvel was a pro-feminist flick with a lot of feminist messaging and as such, critics liked what it did politically and rated it that way. Regardless, it wasn’t a very good movie and the audience had its way with a lower score.

If you really need a solid look at how the critics think, then look no further than the score comparison between “Sticks and Stones” and “Bring Down the House,” the propaganda “documentary” about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Coming back to Chappelle’s “Sticks and Stones” we see, once again, just how much the critic score needs to be ignored. Chappelle’s special is a laugh-out-loud stand-up routine that actually has moments where Chappelle actually makes you think but doesn’t make you think for long. He’s there to make you laugh, not convince you of something.

And this is why critics hate it and audiences love it. Chappelle actually did comedy and the audience couldn’t be more thrilled that they finally have a comedian who is there for the sake of comedy and isn’t going to be hemmed in by the boundaries set by the people who should be the last to tell us what is right and wrong.

Chappelle’s 99 percent rating is earned. Ignore the critics.


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