Dave Chappelle Takes the Abortion Argument to Its Logical End During Comedy Special

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Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special on Netflix is making massive waves, and while I’ve already covered it twice, this moment in his special is one of the ones that really had me paying attention to what he was saying behind what he was saying.


During his set, Chappelle began discussing abortion and began by saying something you typically hear from the left when it comes to making arguments in that if you’re a man, you should stay out of the abortion debate altogether.

Wait for it.

Chappelle doesn’t stop there as many “comedians” do. Instead, Chappelle takes the argument to its logical end and then says something afterward that caught my attention.

“Gentleman, that is fair,” said Chappelle after saying that women shouldn’t have to consult anyone except a physician.

“And ladies, to be fair to us, I also believe that if you decide to have the baby, a man should not have to pay,” said Chappelle. “That’s fair.”

“If you can kill this motherf***er, I can at least abandon them,” he continued. “It’s my money, my choice.”

Chappelle finished by leaving the crowd and the viewer something to ponder. It wasn’t even a joke, just an interesting thing to say after all of that.

“And if I’m wrong, then perhaps we’re wrong,” he said.


*Language warning*

Even when agreeing with the pro-abortion argument, Chappelle manages to find a way to make them angry by declaring that if women can be so independent, then so can the men. I should not that I’m personally not in favor of either of these, but it can’t be ignored that women can’t have it so that they can be both unconcerned with what a man thinks but lay claim to his wallet.

What got my attention, however, was the ending phrase. There is no doubt that many women would take exception to his argument about men not having to be responsible for babies they don’t want. If these women are saying that Chappelle is wrong for standing by that philosophy, then they fall into the category about being wrong about abortion altogether.

I should note that as a pro-life man myself, I think fathers should take absolute responsibility for the children they helped create. Fatherless homes create a myriad of problems all on their own, so I’m not in agreement with Chappelle on either point.


But I like the fact that Chappelle leaves the answer open for discovery, claiming that if it’s wrong for him to think that way about the rights of fathers then perhaps he’s also wrong about the arguments toward abortion.

In effect, Chappelle destroys the idea that men shouldn’t be a part of the conversation. He may, or may not have meant to do that, but he tends to do that a few times throughout his special, where he makes the crowd believe he’s going one way, then turns it on them.

If you want to hear further argument as to why you should be watching this Netflix special, click the link below.

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