Man Is Assaulted by Portland Mob Over His MAGA Hat

MAGA hat by R. Nial Bradshaw, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Make America Great Again hat

MAGA hat by R. Nial Bradshaw, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

I’m losing count of how many instances we now have of someone being verbally or physically assaulted because of their support for President Donald Trump.


According to the Daily Caller, a man named Luke Lenzner and his wife entered Growler’s Taproom in Portland, Oregon, after midnight. According to Lenzer’s testimony, not long after he and his wife were sat down on the patio, he was attacked with a sucker punch by a mob who surrounded him on all sides:

“I got mobbed by everybody that was in that bar outside. People came from the inside out — just circled me and my wife,” Lenzner said, according to FOX 12. “Surrounding me, like literally surrounding me, pushing me. I’m just trying to get through, trying to stop the person from hitting me, from taking my hat, and then I get sucker punched.”

Police arrived at the scene around 12:50 a.m., and discovered large bruises on Lenzner’s face, prompting a manhunt for those involved with the assault. Officers were able to locate two individuals in their 20s that they say were involved with the Saturday morning violence Portland Police told The Daily Caller.

Two individuals in the mob were arrested and charged. Leopold Hauser, 22, and Adebisi Okuneye, 23, were booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center for third-degree assault.


According to a bartender at the location, Lenzner may have started the fight himself by “pointing to his hat,” though how this should start a fight is beyond me.

Some may say that Lenzner knew what he was doing when he wore a MAGA hat in public in Portland, and while I can’t deny that Lenzner knew the dangers, it doesn’t excuse the fact that people are being attacked physically for their support of Trump. Intentional or not, the fact that Lenzner can incite violence — if he did incite it at all — by simply wearing a hat that says “Make America Great Again” says more about the state of our political discourse and the radicalistic infection of Portland.



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