The Left Is Celebrating David Koch's Passing, Ignorant of How Much they Agree With Him

(AP Photo/The Wichita Eagle, Travis Heying)

When a famous conservative person dies, the classless parts of the left come out of the woodwork. Today, we sadly saw the passing of David Koch, a billionaire philanthropist. Koch passed away at 79 years of age after over two decades of battling with cancer.


Koch’s legacy is a net positive one for America, as he was often on the front lines of fighting for freedoms from a libertarian standpoint. Be it same-sex marriage or gun rights, Koch supported personal freedoms first.

As such, he understood that it was the right that was more in line to protect personal freedoms and often found himself opposed to Democrats. Despite his support for stances that Democrats find holy, giving money to Republicans is an unforgivable sin. Given this fact, the left consistently demonized the Koch brothers as one of the evilest institutions in America.

Go figure.

So when Koch died, you can bet there was a celebration by those completely ignorant of what Koch really stood for. As Shapiro noted, the absolute glee from leftists shows just how horrible our political conversation has become.

A perfect example is Rob Sheridan, comic creator and art director for the band Nine Inch Nails.


Sheridan received his just deserts for such a post almost immediately but swept it off as an attack by Russian bots.

Others joined in the chorus according to Twitchy.

It gets worse, as Koch’s death has even inspired people to go after his brother Charles.


For all intents and purposes, the left should have at least been able to find common ground with Koch. He supported women’s causes, broke with the GOP when it came to gay marriage and the war in Iraq, and even supported delving deep into how much funding the military really needs.

He won’t be remembered for these things. In fact, the left probably doesn’t know about any of these stances at all thanks to the efforts of media outlets painting him as the boogie man of the century.

It’s sad that we’ve gotten so nasty in our political discourse that a man who was one of the best shots at bridging the political divide will never get a chance to do so thanks to the way those in charge of information dissemination demonized him. It’s even sadder when you see how hateful people have become, even toward a man they should respect.


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