Miss Nevada Disqualified from Miss America Pageant and Shamed Over Trump Support

Everyone has political leanings, and while they may play a role in your decision making, especially in the voting booth, it shouldn’t solely define who you are as a person. In this day and age, many seem to make this the only thing relevant about a person.


Combat veteran and pro-American Katie Williams, 2019’s Miss Nevada winner, is suffering from that very thing as we speak. Apparently, her support for President Donald Trump has just disqualified her from the upcoming Miss America pageant.

Posting a video to Instagram telling the entire story in an eight-minute video, Williams starts off by telling the viewer that she’s been effectively kicked out of the pageant thanks to a director who, at first, seemed to agree with her politics but soon came to seem resentful of Williams’ stances.

At some point, the director wanted her to delete a picture of her with her Trump 2020 hat on and to have a conversation over the phone with her. Williams said she’d rather have conversations over email for both of their legal protection, and refused to take down the picture. Instead, she took the director’s advice of creating a separate non-political page for her pageant work.


This wasn’t enough either.

The director continued to chide her for her political posts and eventually told her that she wouldn’t be a good fit for the pageant. In emails, Williams told the director that the things she posted shouldn’t even be controversial, such as her disdain for Antifa. Williams also notes that some of her fellow pageant contestants post overtly leftist things on their accounts are and aren’t receiving the same amount of pushback.

To cap it all off, Williams had already sent in all the fees and made travel arrangements. The pageant said she could get it all back…if she agrees to certain terms including her relinquishment of the title of Miss Nevada and any mention of her banishment from the Miss America pageant. She would also be forced to keep her family or friends from speaking about it.


Williams chose instead to leave the pageant altogether instead of giving in to these demands.

It’s a sad conclusion to her efforts as a pageant winner, but the story doesn’t have to end there. The treatment of Williams needs to be spread far and wide. There is clearly political bias at work here punishing conservative and/or pro-Trump thought, keeping it from the mainstream, and it needs to exposed.


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