Even If Trump's Tweet Shifted Israel's Decision on Omar and Tlaib, It's Still the Right Call

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu watches as President Donald Trump signs a guestbook during a visit to Yad Vashem to honor the victims of the holocaust, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Let’s say you’re throwing a party and you invite everyone. However, two of the guests you invited continue to denounce your party and accuse you of horrific things. They continuously try to stop your party from happening and discourage others from going while declaring that they have every intention of showing up themselves.


After some time, one of your friends who knows them personally says, “Dude, I would just uninvite them if I were you.”

Considering the fact that it’s likely that these two are coming to ruin your party and put you down to others while they’re there, you shrug your shoulders and disinvite these two troublemakers from entering your home.

That’s what this controversy surrounding Israel, President Donald Trump, and Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar boils down to.

The fact of the matter is that Omar and Tlaib are proven antisemites. They’re on record saying things like Israel shouldn’t get to exist as a Jewish state because it’s not Democratic enough while saying absolutely nothing about the Muslim controlled countries surrounding it. Omar also suggests that “protesters” are being unfairly killed in Gaza over an occupation by Israel, completely ignoring the fact that these “protesters” are terrorists who lob rockets at innocent civilians on the daily.


Omar also likened Israel to Nazi Germany as she and Tlaib pushed for boycott legislation.

Gee! Is it any wonder that when Trump, a trusted ally of Israels’, tweeted:

“It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep.Tlaib to visit. They hate Israel & all Jewish people, & there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds. Minnesota and Michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office. They are a disgrace!”

Israeli leaders would consider it a solid piece of advice and act accordingly.

Who can blame them? Tlaib and Omar clearly weren’t coming down there to make friends and learn. They were going there to do the same thing AOC claimed to do at the border. It was a trip for damning photo-ops and bad press.

Israel knows that, Trump knows that, and I’m willing to bet that the left doing its usual “faux and show” of outrage knows that too. In fact, judging from how they talk about Israel as they’re expressing outrage, it’s what they hoped for.


Even if Trump did play a part in Israel’s decision, be it through Twitter or a phone call to Benji Netanyahu, it doesn’t matter. It was the right call. Tlaib and Omar are clearly antisemitic bigots who have shown zero kindness toward Israel and likely never plan to.

The sovereign country of Israel is well within its power to bar them from entering the country, and furthermore, is wise to do so.


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