A Computer Was Removed From Jeffrey Epstein's Island Before FBI Raid, Drone Footage Shows

SCREENSHOT: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

Drone footage captured of financier and now deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedo island” home that showed the home contained a computer and hard drive sitting on a desk that mysteriously disappeared before the FBI raid took place.


As you can see in this video, a drone flew to the island and zooms in on a window. You can see a white table where an Apple computer sits. This footage was reportedly taken on July 15.

Another drone pass on Epstein’s island that took place on July 23 shows that the electronics were now removed.

This could be nothing, but the removal of electronics from this island where pedophilic crimes took place as a police action against Epstein began getting legs is a bit questionable.

There are already reports from sources that a meticulously kept diary of Epstein’s that he kept about his powerful friends for insurance reasons is floating around somewhere. Now we see a computer having been mysteriously removed from the island compound before the FBI raid took place.

Conspiracies are abounding due to the incredibly odd conditions surrounding the suicide of Epstein within his prison cell. This includes reported shrieking from his cell before he died, his cellmate being transferred out right before his death, as well as the unconfirmed reports of cameras mysteriously going offline during his suicide.


Right now, everything should be taken with a grain of salt, though it should be considered.

Still, the mysterious nature surrounding Epstein’s death and the fact that we know Epstein had many well-connected, high-profile friends who would visit him often, make every odd occurrence worth paying attention to.

An entire computer disappearing from his island home is definitely something the FBI would be interested in investigating. Who was on the island around the time it disappeared? Where did the computer go? Why was it taken off the island in the first place?

All of these questions are worth asking, especially in the pursuit of trying to collapse an established pedophilic sex operation.

(h/t: Summit News)


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