Hong Kong Protesters Wave American Flags, Sing Our National Anthem During Demonstration

When it comes to freedom, no country is more representative of it than the good ol’ United States of America. Even on the opposite side of the world, when people want to express the need and desire to be free, they wave our flag and sing our songs.


Hong Kong, an autonomous territory of China’s, currently has a real desire for that freedom as one of the latest bills presented before its legislature would have made it possible for those who are accused of crimes against mainland China to be extradited to the mainland and held for trial there.

The backlash against the bill was so great that hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand the bill be pulled from consideration under the claim that it would give China control over Hong Kong and especially endanger journalists and activists.

It was during these protests that American flags began making an appearance as a symbol of freedom. In one video, protesters are holding a line of American flags as one of them begins to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner,” the American national anthem.

The showing of desire for American-style freedoms has been greeted with enthusiasm by many who’ve seen it.

This video sits in heavy contrast to some of the events happening from American protesters today. Protesters in American burn the American flag in a sign of protest and athletes kneel during our National Anthem. However, in Hong Kong, where freedoms and independence truly are under threat of being stripped from the people, they’re waving our flags and singing our songs.


It really puts into perspective just how we take the freedoms we have for granted. Hong Kong is trying to obtain true freedom while leftists in America are doing their level best to force Americans to give them up in an effort to achieve an unobtainable “Utopia,” where we’ll never have problems again.



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