Video: Ted Cruz Confronted at Airport by Screaming Immigration Protesters

Screenshot: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon

Poor Texas Senator Ted Cruz can’t seem to go anywhere without people finding him and screaming at him. He can’t even get off of a plane without being confronted in a terminal.


According to the Daily Caller, Cruz was at a terminal at LAX this weekend when a group of protesters from the organization “Voto Latino” surrounded him and made a show of making it seem like Cruz himself was locking up kids at the border.

Protesters can be heard shouting “family matters” (great show), “Americans will not be silenced,” and  “free the children,” at Cruz as if he, right then, would produce a key from his pocket that would unlock cages full of immigrant children.

Cruz stood silently but shook his head.

Voto Latino posted the video of themselves bravely confronting Cruz to Twitter where they used the same logic leftists used to justify confronting he and his wife while they attempted to eat a peaceful dinner and were forced out of a restaurant.

“Politicians like [Ted Cruz] that allow our people to be locked in cages don’t get to be comfortable in public. Those in positions of power must be held accountable for the treatment of children and families at the border,” tweeted Voto Latino.

Like every single one of these protests, you have to wonder where they and their perpetual outrage were during the Obama administration. Again, as has been discussed ad nauseum, this isn’t about the children, this is about political positioning and optics. If Cruz looks like a massive racist for the U.S. following established U.S. law that has been around for decades, then maybe that will translate into people leaving Trump’s camp.


Sure enough, when the children controversy first reared its head, Trump’s approval dipped. The left has been trying to bang that drum ever since.

The truth is that, while our immigration system does need an overhaul, separating children from their families at the border isn’t necessarily a bad practice. Children are often used as product or payment, and it’s in the interest of their safety that we separate them from their parent or guardian until we can check out that everything is on the up and up.

These protesters accomplished nothing but making themselves look like the bad guys by confronting a lone man who obviously knows more about what goes on at the border than they do and doesn’t easily cave to pressure.

What they did accomplish was getting the “Family Matters” theme song stuck in my head.


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