Trump Dismantles Al Sharpton After Sharpton Makes a Show of Heading to Baltimore

In the midst of yet another “racist” — and I’m using racist in quotes here for a reason — comments made from President Donald Trump, this time about the city of Baltimore, specifically Rep. Elija Cummings’ district, and the media is telling the nation that it’s reeling from the overt destructiveness of Trump’s tweets.


It’s not, but the show must go on.

As Elizabeth Vaughn reported earlier Monday, Al Sharpton is going to show up to Baltimore to help heal the hurt done by Trump by…I guess, being there? I don’t know. Money says he’ll stand on a soapbox, gather people behind him, and make it seem like he’s giving a speech to a large crowd about how racism has no place in America and orange man bad.

Trump didn’t take kindly to Sharpton’s showboating at his expense and utilized his most powerful weapon to take Sharpton down a notch or eight. Not the power of the pen, nor the position, but his Twitter.

“I have known Al for 25 years,” tweeted Trump. “Went to fights with him & Don King, always got along well. He “loved Trump!” He would ask me for favors often. Al is a con man, a troublemaker, always looking for a score. Just doing his thing. Must have intimidated Comcast/NBC. Hates Whites & Cops!”


“Al Sharpton would always ask me to go to his events. He would say, “it’s a personal favor to me.” Seldom, but sometimes, I would go. It was fine,” continued Trump in another tweet. “He came to my office in T.T. during the presidential campaign to apologize for the way he was talking about me. Just a conman at work!”

Where Trump is correct is that Sharpton is a known con-man and showman. Sharpton has a habit of showing up where racial injustice supposedly happened in order to put his face on it and be seen “caring.”


The problem is that Trump’s tweets weren’t at all racist, but because he directed dozens of tweets at Cummings, a black man, and a civil rights figure, the left can promote this as a racially inspired attack. They can even turn the “infestation” comments Trump made as an attack on minority communities.

No one is sure why the left is making the rat infestation issue a racial one, especially when Baltimore’s leaders admit that it’s a problem themselves, but again…

…the show must go on.

And where there’s the possibility for a show, Sharpton will show up to try to star in it.


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