Bill de Blasio Confuses the Position of "Mayor" with "King," Declares Trump Unwelcome In New York

I get that New York is the most popular city in all of the United States, and possibly the entire western hemisphere. So many people and so much culture flows through there that it’s something of a world hub. They even placed the United Nations there.


However, the Mayor of New York and 2020 candidate Bill de Blasio seems to believe that he has the power to say who is and who is not welcome to live in the city he was elected to serve. With that delusion in mind, de Blasio announced that after President Donald Trump’s term(s) in the White House are over, he will not be welcomed back home.

Sitting down with BuzzFeed for a Q&A on Thursday, de Blasio proclaimed that he would debate Trump after the President criticized him for a string of videos that have been released showing NYC’s police officers being soaked with buckets of water and not able to do anything about it in return.

He also criticized Trump, a Queens native, for not understanding the city.

“When his presidency is over, really soon, he will not be welcome back in New York City!” exclaimed de Blasio to cheers from the crowd.

It’s likely Trump won’t accept King de Blasio’s challenge. Not because Trump is scared but because de Blasio isn’t worth his time. His royal majesty is currently sitting as no one’s first choice according to a Quinnipiac poll of 454 Democrats. In fact, 1 our of 12 Democrats said they would be unhappy if he got the nomination.


Perhaps his highness should stop trying to debate Trump and focus on the fact that his officers are being laughed at as they’re soaked on the streets.

Sadly for him, King de Blasio doesn’t actually have the power to prevent Trump from entering the city. It’s not up to him to say who is and isn’t welcome to be there. It’s because he’s not a King, he’s just a mayor. The most he can do is scream into a microphone that Trump is banished to the laughter of Trump as he walks back into Trump tower once his terms are over.


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