The Democrats Don't Know It, but They Handed Trump a Great Gift With the Mueller Debacle

The Mueller Report is a dead horse, but Democrats are beating the corpse into atoms.

The entire display on Wednesday came off as pathetic and Director Robert Mueller received such a shellacking from Republicans that I almost started to feel sorry for him, or would have if he didn’t amount to a dirty cop using his position to punish political opponents.


It was pretty clear that Democrats came away looking pretty bad. Even CNN was throwing in the towel and declaring the entire spectacle a win for President Donald Trump who can now laugh at any mention of the word “impeachment.”

Impeachment was something that Democrats wanted so badly they would desperately try to fan any hot embers within the dead fire of the Mueller investigation to see if they could get a flame from it. Maybe they didn’t mean to, but this desperation tells us something very interesting.

Democrats have zero faith in their candidates in the upcoming 2020 elections.

I realize that Democrats had put a lot of time, effort, and set-up into bringing down Trump and that just letting this go once Mueller found no obstruction or collusion would be a hard thing to do. The fact that they’re reducing themselves to taking a second crack at an investigation’s findings that they already know produced nothing says that despite the vast field of choices in the Democrat candidate pool, not one of them is worth investing time in.

Not long ago, former VP Joe Biden rolled out his campaign platform but Democrats didn’t seem to care. As my colleague Kira Davis wrote earlier this month, Biden released his platform and no one seemed to notice. Democrats and the media were all fixated on Trump and his Twitter account.


This is Donald Trump’s main threat within the 2020 Democratic herd and neither Trump, nor Biden’s fellow Democrats, thought it necessary to give Biden the time of day. In truth, Biden is the last, best hope to get Trump out of the White House but Democrats seem to have no faith in him. The Democratic powers that be were pretty outraged about him from the beginning anyway, sneering in his direction because, after electing a black man and nominating a woman, the Democrats were reverting back to a white man as their leader.

To Democrats, it would seem that Trump’s 2020 victory is inevitable. To be clear, they look so darkly on their own party’s chances in 2020 that they turned to something that had already failed them. That’s how bad it is for the left at this moment.


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