Chris Hayes Panics Over the High Summer Temperatures In Paris, the Internet Roasts Him

An irregularity in weather happened somewhere, so naturally, a left-leaning socio-political commentator’s knee jerked and sent out a panic-ridden tweet suggesting climate change is the world ending issue they’ve been saying it is.


This time it was MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who upon discovering that Paris was suffering from record-breaking heat, began repeating the temperature like a paranoid schizophrenic in a padded cell.

As a Texan, this doesn’t seem that big of a deal to me, but in Paris the average summer temperature is 75 degrees in the summer according to various reports. I can see how this heatwave can be a bit shocking. Still, heatwaves happen. The last time Paris was this hot was in 2008 when it hit 101. In 1947 it reached 104 degrees according to Seattle PI.

So it’s irregular, but not unheard of.

Still, every irregularity is another reason to announce on Twitter that the sky is falling, and Hayes took that opportunity. The problem for Hayes is that this is Twitter, and such sensationalism isn’t going to go without punishment.



And so on.

It gets tiresome listening to every talking head on the left immediately resort to declaring what’s happening is a result to climate change, especially with most irregular weather events, you can usually find patterns. Weather is chaotic for the most part, and odd things are going to happen. Mother nature is anything but static.

I find it far odder that we’re in the middle of summer and it’s only 84 degrees here in Dallas, Texas, but I’m too grateful to complain.

Regardless of the political nonsense being made out of a heatwave, I hope Parisians stay safe. My advice is to do what we Texans do. Find the nearest body of clean water, grab a few beers, some sunscreen, and a hunk of meat, throw said meat on a grill and make it a party.


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