Ted Cruz Wrecks the Lie that the Vote On the Anti-Israel BDS Resolution Was "Divisive"

CNN tries. That’s the height of what I can say about their reporting. The blind squirrel of a news organization that consistently falls well behind Fox News and MSNBC may find a nut every once and a while, but it’s buried so deep in its own leftism that it seems to craft it’s own reality around itself.


Take for instance its report on the vote on the anti-Israel BDS resolution in the House.

If you were to ask CNN, the vote was divisive, as they described in their tweet.

As usual, clicking on the CNN article gives you a much better sense of what went down:

The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to approve a non-binding resolution that opposes the boycott movement against Israel, a measure that won broad bipartisan support but faced pushback from some high-profile progressives.

As I’ve said many times before, one of the ways the media spreads misinformation without lying is giving you half-truths to snack on. CNN has no obligation to list the vote count in the tweet to promote the article, but being the hard left news organization that it is, needs to paint a very obvious win against the hard left as something of a close call.

As such, CNN chose to use the word “divisive” to describe the vote. It’s a word that gives off the impression that Washington politicians were taking sides and having some sort of contentious face-off with both sides engaged in a heated debate.

People may read the tweet and move on, never actually clicking the article. Why would they? Nowadays it’s much easier to absorb a line of information and move on, than click on the article and spend a few minutes of your day reading the details. I can’t blame people for it. We move fast today and you don’t always have the time to sit and read.

CNN and many other news outlets know this. So they give you a sliver of half-true info. Yes, the vote was technically divisive if we’re using the exact meaning of the word.

True to form, Sen. Ted Cruz showed up and essentially made it clear what really happened.


And with that, Cruz simply made it clear that the anti-BDS vote was hardly something the left and right disagreed on. A few high-profile followers of “The Squad” voted for it, but it was otherwise a vote that could far more accurately be described as highly bipartisan than divisive.

Nice try, CNN.


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