Shocking Video: Venezuelans Talk About Suffering Under Socialism as "The Squad" Talks Lovingly About It

The vast majority of Americans have never had to live under socialism and thank the good Lord above for that, but it has had the unintended effect of romanticizing it to various parts of our nation. This includes people in our own government, specifically the foursome known as “The Squad.”


Asking Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib both consider socialism to be one of the most fabulous things since sliced bread lines and speak lovingly of the economic system during interviews. What’s more, many in America are seduced by the promise of “equality,” and the “fairness” of “free” things for everyone.

Thanks in part to media, activists, and politicians like those in “The Squad,” socialism has come off as a solution to all of societies ills. History tells a different story. In reality, socialism is a rot that infects and then destroys countries. It’s an economic system that, once taken from paper and put into action, begins to ruin economies and kill people.

Right now, this is most notable in Venezuela, a country that should be a wealthy world power for all intents and purposes, but thanks to socialism is collapsing before our eyes. With a year round growing season and more oil reserves than an oil baron could dream of, Venezuela has everything it needs to be an economic powerhouse, but thanks to socialism its a country of riots, starvation, and disease.

The Daily Caller went to Venezuela to talk to those living under socialism, and the results were shocking. Things we take for granted in the United States are things that people in Venezuela may be killed over. You may wait in line overnight for a loaf of bread, only to get to the front of the line and find out that there isn’t anymore. You may be riding your bike down the street and get shot multiple times just so someone else can have it.


In part of the video, a man had been shot in front of the Daily Caller crew and the police just walked by.

Meanwhile, AOC, Sen. Bernie Sanders and more speak of socialism as successful in other parts of the world.

We always hear about how the socialism that failed in other countries wasn’t “true socialism” but that’s just an excuse to explain an undeniable truth. Humanity and socialism can never coexist. We aren’t made for that kind of system by nature, and forcing it on a species that can’t fit with it will only destroy it. If we can’t glean that from Venezuela, and we continue to embrace it, the United States will come to resemble Venezuela in some form or fashion.


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