Bernie Sanders Proves Bernie Sanders Is Wrong About Socialism

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Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

If people won’t listen to me when I say that socialism is a disease America should do its best to avoid, then perhaps Sen. Bernie Sanders can convince them.


As Kira Davis wrote on Sunday, the controversy surrounding Sanders and his inability to pay his staff $15 an hour only arose because Sanders is all about guaranteeing the American people a fair wage as he preaches the virtues and successes of socialism from the summit of BS Mountain.

Hilariously, the socialists are getting what I can only assume is their first crash course in real-world economics as the campaign is now promising to pay staffers $15/hr by cutting staff and upping hours for those that remain.

Needless to say, everyone but the socialists feeling the Bern are finding the situation pretty funny.

Miller brings up a good point, though.

Sanders goes on and on about how the rich get richer as the poor get poorer, and the only way we can stop this injustice from happening is if we embrace socialism. Yet here is Sanders. The dude is worth millions, he owns three homes, one of which costs him $600,000. He’s part of a political class that receives bloated salaries and benefits the average American can only dream of.


He can’t give up any of that to to keep his team well staffed and well paid? I thought he was a socialist. I thought spreading the wealth around was something he was all about, seeing as how he’s constantly telling us that we need to do it with our tax dollars.

But he doesn’t and he won’t.

As I’ve previously written in more detail, humanity and socialism aren’t compatible. We each are looking after the interests of ourselves and, by extension, our families. As intelligent, egocentric apes, we have little interest in sacrificing our gains for the “greater good.” The “greater good” is too often an illogical mess with ideals and methods that run contrary to our idiom and as such we trust ourselves individually with our property.

Sanders, whether he likes it or not, is demonstrating this.

He’s just as driven by gains as the rest of us. What’s more, if we’re to judge socialism by its history, Sanders is trying to put himself into a position where the socialism he implements would hardly touch him. The man is a walking, talking example of “socialism is for the people, not the socialist.”


I can’t stress how much this needs to be hammered home, especially at a time when nearly half of Millennials and Gen Z approve of socialism. Pointing and laughing at the fact that the pro-socialism campaign can’t embrace socialism should be a massive highlight from conservatives and libertarians on the constant. The fact that Sanders, America’s leading socialist, can’t be bothered to practice it should be one of the biggest proofs that socialism isn’t worth fighting for.


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