Ilhan Omar Might As Well Have Told Radical Leftists It's Open Season on Trump Supporters With Latest Retweet

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., listens as Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russell Vought testifies before the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 12, 2019, during a hearing on the fiscal year 2020 budget. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Leftists calling anyone to the right of Marx a “racist” is about as common as day following night. The accusation of racism amounts to one of the laziest, but most effective ways the left has silenced arguments from the right for ages. While the accusation definitely doesn’t have the edge that it used to, it still manages to get hard left figures riled up and ready to #resist.

In this day and age, however, the accusation tends to get people on the hard left to become a tad violent. Tactics from groups like Antifa have become more common than ever, and they justify their violence by labeling people various things like “Nazis, fascists, and racists.”

So when Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar retweets an article blatantly calling the fans of President Donald Trump “racists,” it can be a bit worrying.

CNN contributor Wajahat Ali tweeted out an article from the Daily Beast by Goldie Taylor, which argued in no clouded terms that Trump is a racist and so are you if you support him.

I’ll spare you the details of the article, suffice to say that Taylor is angry over Trump’s comments that people like Omar should go back and fix their own countries if they hate this one so much. This was taken as a racist act by Taylor and much of the leftist media.

Omar then retweeted Ali’s tweet of the article.

While Omar calling Trump a racist isn’t anything new, this would mark the first time Omar has gone and called his supporters racists.


Again, calling a Trump supporter racist is about as common as ants at a picnic, and just as annoying. It’s not an accusation that holds weight, but that doesn’t matter.

Right now we have a radical left that is looking for excuses to become violent. Groups like Antifa justify their violence against people by putting labels on them just like this, and attack innocent people. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls the holding camps “concentration camps” and we now have Antifa members attempting to firebomb ICE locations and treating the offender like a martyr to be celebrated.

Now we have Omar labeling Trump supporters as a general enemy.

I don’t think Omar has the power that Ocasio-Cortez has, but regardless, this is still a member of our electorate labeling an entire group of people as someone against whom violence is pre-justified. Omar should apologize for this retweet and make it clear that violence is not the answer.

But I’m not holding my breath.




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