Amazon to Create 1,000 Jobs In Atlanta As Boycott Threats Over Georgia Heartbeat Bill Continue to be Laughable

Seton Motley | Red State |

They thought they were going to bring the hammer of reproductive justice — whatever that is — down on Georgia after Gov. Brian Kemp passed the Heartbeat bill into law, essentially making abortions illegal in the state with certain exceptions. Hollywood celebrities thought they could convince their fellow elites to shun the southern state.


However, the state that made Chick-fil-A is only getting more business as, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Amazon has decided to open up a warehouse facility in the heart of Atlanta. It’s like an unintentional trophy laid right at Kemp’s doorstep:

Georgia lost out on the hunt for Amazon’s second headquarters last year, but it won a consolation prize Wednesday when the e-commerce giant announced it would open a warehouse facility in metro Atlanta that will create 1,000 jobs.

The company said the 700,000-square-foot facility — a bit smaller than an average mall — will bridge Gwinnett and DeKalb counties and house workers who will pack and ship customer orders. Employees will also be hired to handle finances, information technology and other roles.

Given, Georgia made Amazon a very sweet offer in order for them to decide to plant the second campus. Since New York fell through thanks to the actions of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where New York’s most famous politician was willing to leave it, Georgia may still be in the running to pull up quick to retrieve it. According to the AJC, it’s a pretty solid state-funded incentive:

Documents released to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution offered a glimpse of what the state offered to entice the corporate campus that involved more than $2 billion worth of publicly funded incentives, including an academy to train its employees and an exclusive lounge at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. 


The 1,000 jobs that Amazon would bring into Georgia’s Gwinnett county has, from the sounds of it, been on the books for months, even getting a fancy code-name:

The project, code-named “Project Rocket,” has long been the source of intrigue. Gwinnett’s County Commission earlier approved plans for an 80-foot-tall warehouse in September off West Park Place Boulevard, just south of U.S. 78. And officials in DeKalb, home to a roughly 12-acre chunk of the site, recently rejected a proposal to build a third entrance.

What does this tell us.

Apparently states can sign whatever abortion bill they want, and if they’re business friendly enough, corporations will still happily settle in and get to work. Despite their best efforts, leftist elitists still can’t beat the awe inspiring power of capitalism.


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