The Twitter Account of Antifa Group that Attacked Andy Ngo Still Active as Twitter Censors the Right

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Andy Ngo was attacked by Portland’s Antifa chapter. That much is undeniable, and in no small part because there’s video evidence of it.

No matter how many times Twitter tries to take the video down, it’s going to pop up somewhere like Fox News where millions of people are going to see it anyway.


Portland’s Antifa chapter has a Twitter account known as “Rose City Antifa.” From there, Antifa releases propaganda and coordinates meetups with various links to its website. Recently, it has been posting various articles and tweets that speak out against Ngo and attempt to deny, downplay, or excuse their physical attack on him.

This is the same Antifa group that has blocked routes to hospitals and committed violence against anyone they deemed to be a “fascist,” which can be anyone at anytime for any reason.

They even turned on one of their own after she was caught giving police information about marching routes. According to Willamette Week, June Davies was an Antifa medic who wanted to let cops know where the medics would be so they wouldn’t get arrested or moved by officers. Upon a “friend” discovering four months worth of texts between she and one of the Portland officers, she was ostracized and received death threats:


It was awful. I woke up and half of my friends were just gone. Everybody was talking about me. I got threats, I got told that I had to leave the city. It wasn’t exactly explicit, but it was implied that bad things would happen to me if I showed up at certain places.

I didn’t leave my house for like a month. I was afraid. The night that everything happened and the next morning, I was suicidal. I’ve had mental problems for a while, but I haven’t had suicidal thoughts that strong since I was 16.

All this to say that Portland Antifa is definitely in the business of doing wrong and their Twitter account helps them coordinate to do it.

Meanwhile, various accounts on the right continue to be suspended or even taken down by Twitter for so much as sneezing in the left’s direction. Meghan Murphy, Alex Jones, Nick Monroe, and more have been permanently banned by Twitter, while countless others have either been temporarily suspended or shadow-banned for a myriad of reasons.

Even President Donald Trump is going to have his tweets marked with warning labels if they “break the rules,” though as we’ve seen, those rules seem to be nebulous.

Meanwhile, Rose City Antifa continues to have an account that’s going strong.

If someone like Jones — whether you like him or not — can have his account removed because of something he did outside of Twitter, shouldn’t Antifa qualify at this point? Why does a group that openly promotes violence get to continue to organize via help of their Twitter account and continue to exist on the platform?

But if the fact that Twitter is choosing which rules to enforce on whom again, then how about the fact that the DHS has labeled Antifa a domestic terrorist group? If the government recognizes them as such, then why is Twitter allowing them to continue to organize and propagandize on its platform while it suspends someone like Erick Erickson for making jokes about Elizabeth Warren?

By the left’s own rules in regards to allowing speech on platforms that equates to violence, Twitter is complicit in every Antifa attack that takes place.



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